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Part 26: *Hyun-ae, Alternate dialogue day 2

Day 2!

Just to get a teensy bit of extra dialogue, I will ignore this request for the moment.


Three logs later, we're back to the birds and the bees.

Well, it sure seems like Heo Seung-bok and Mimi would agree with you... maybe that's just how men are?

After that it's back to business as usual, so let's go back and be even more controversial.

Oh... well, that certainly is in line with what my family believed.
Marry a man, have sons, learn to love him by fulfilling your duty, be a good mother...
And, um, I'm sorry to say this, but... it was absolute misery.
Other women were able to deal with that, I know, but they didn't know anything else!
Sorry, but I can't accept that!
Reading about all these relationships from the past... somehow, I get the feeling that they all believed in love.
Or maybe, at least, they were all about being there for each other.
...and I guess... um, being together in that way was just a part of that?
I think I really secretly admire that all those people could be so open about that.
...well, anyway, I suppose there's no point dwelling on it, since... being able to experience that is all in the past for me.
Let's just get back to what I can do: investigate with you!

Awkward staggering through the politics block is the same as before.

End of Block M4!

What? Oh, geeze, I'm sorry... um, I'll try to be less of a burden, I promise...!
I just really like being able to do something together with you...
It's just been so long since I've had a friend to be with!
And, um... hey, Investigator, I think you're really cool! Travelling through space, solving mysteries...
I can't wait until we get back to Earth. Doing footwork, interrogating people, being out there in the world... I never would have dreamed, when I was stuck in the women's quarters of an aimless spaceship, that I'd end up like this!
So that's why I want to continue to be your sidekick!
When I keep reading about all these people form just 300 years before when I was alive, it reminds me a lot of my original time.
...but it also makes me feel like I'm completely unprepared to get by in a society like that.
And that's just a difference of 300 years!
So I think I could learn a lot from being an investigator like you, from being your sidekick!

Ah... well, that makes sense...
So you really are the cool type, then... you do amazing things, but you're all 'no big deal!' about them!
I always liked movies where the hero was modest and cool about everything. I understand!


Ah... that's so wonderful of you...
So you're more than just my hero, then!
Aheh, sorry, I know, that's an embarrassing thing to say. I just think that's really nice!
It's all so much more exciting than being a housewife!
...and a little bit romantic, too...
Um, anyway... I guess I should probably stop distracting you from doing that job, now!
To figure out the whole story about what happened to the Mugunghwa in year zero...
...let's continue to work hard together!

As before.

Nothing new here, either.

Well, time to shut down for the day, but...

I feel like I forgot something.

Oh, right.

...although I wish you'd done it right away, instead of waiting...
Well, anyway...

No significant differences here.


Oh... I'm sorry. I thought you'd like it...
You can change it once we're back to the menu, though.
Anyway... let's start.

Skipping head to honoring her ancestors!

...well... I guess, if you say so... I'll do the bow, for my real parents... but only for them!
Well... here goes...

...father, you left me the program that let me save my memories, didn't you?
And I'm sure it must have been mother's idea to have a backup plan. That's just like her, isn't it?
So the only reason I'm here now, with my wonderful investigator, is because of you two.
(Sorry, please imagine I'm doing a bow here... um, I'm not really sure how to render that animation properly. You understand, I'm sure.)
Thank you, mother, father. Thank you.

That was important, I think.
Now, let's move on.

And the rest of the day is unchanged.

Next: Cake, and another three endings!