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Part 28: *Mute, day 1 - Declaration of a New Dynasty

Voting results:

Man 5, Woman 9
Resentful 0, Friendly 8, Flirty 7

BGM: Title

Welcome back!

Back to the beginning.

Here's our new main screen.

You may notice a few things being different.

For instance, the background is a different color!

Also the messaging is slightly difDAMN IT *MUTE I SAID FRIENDLY

I don't know what to tell you. I guess *Mute is confused about how this is going to work.

In the meantime, she left us a present:

Block 13.

I didn't mention it at the time, but Block M3 is only accessible when you're with *Hyun-ae. Instead, Mute gets this.

Let’s do some reading while we wait for her to recompile.

My Awakening - *Mute, Hanmun, 7/4 Year 10

Weekly Writing Assignment - Princess Ryu, Hanmun, 7/18 Year 10

First Midday Report - *Mute, Hanmun, 11/10 Year 10

For comparison:

Check out the impact of that fertility problem.

Girl Talk - *Mute, Hanmun, 8/1 Year 15

Declaration of a New Dynasty - Emperor Ryu, Hanmun, 1/1 Year 1

Sneaking out at night - *Mute, Hanmun, 10/15 Year 11

The Board of Ministers - Records Office, Hanmun, 6/30 Year 10

Royal Wedding - Minister Tae, Hanmun, 3/15 Year 1

Funeral for a Rebel - Queen Oh Eun-a, Hanmun, 7/3 Year 10

And that's the last of our new post-fall logs.

Someone seems to be trying to get my attention, though.