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Part 30: *Mute, day 1 - Ryu Hyeon-su

Voting results:
Block M1: 4
Block M2: 1
Block M5: 1
Block M6: 0

Since *Mute is more personally invested in this story, there's always the chance that this will destabilize her. That's why I'll be running a diagnostic every time I shut her down.


Rest of M4, start of M1 picked up. That'll be it for day 1.

BGM: Council

Lineage Act Amendment - Records Office, Korean, September 29, 4042

I don't believe in cutting out families either, but...

...tch, how rude...!

Bureaucrat Class Act - Records Office, Hanmun, February 7, 4043

...I can't believe...

How could I be like this...?


I'd never be like that! I can be chatty, but... there's a time and a place for that!

Unity Act - Records Office, Hanmun, October 5, 4044

...I can't believe I'd defend the principles of that awful society like this...

Geeze, if she'd gotten her way... things would be so different!


And that's all of the council bickering explored.

On to pastures new!

Let's crush a rebellion! - Old *Mute, Korean, September 13, 4038


...she makes more money than her husband? That isn't right...

How disrespectful!, women conspiring like this makes me feel uneasy...

Efficient and Subtle - Smith, Korean, September 16, 4038

Public demonstrations? Whoa...

...I can't believe how rude Old *Mute is...

Banditry? On the Mugunghwa...?!

...tch, rude...


...of course she's chatty! It's just part of her nature...

...not that I'm defending her.

Hyeon-su? As in... the first Emperor...?!

Man I am SO close to finishing this set!

I shouldn't really be 312 years old after all... it should be over 1900 years!
Old *Mute keeps saying she's 1600 years old, after all, and it just makes me think... even to me, to someone who already feels old...
...that's an unimaginably long time.
Like, okay, if I was given another 1300 years, would I have turned out like her?
Of everything I know, the most important thing is "honour your elders"! And I guess she's probably the closest thing to an ancestor I have... how the hell do I reconcile that with her awful attitude?
Like, when I was first re-enabled, I kept thinking "I want to live up to the *Mute that Queen Eun-a was friends with!"
...but is that really such a good idea?
Well, okay, whatever. Let's get back to it. I just feel more and more confused and unconfident and horrified, but like...
It's kind of like a train wreck, you know?
...I couldn't look away, even if I wanted to.

Election Night - Heo Seung-bok, Korean, November 29, 4038


Wow... women working really are as emotional as you'd think...


...I guess they had everything under control, though.

...tch, it just doesn't feel right...

Already? How time flies.

I'm sorry about burning through so much with my debugging, I'm just as anxious to read the rest as you are!
Ugh, it's going to take the entire three days to get through everything. Like, this is the worst.
I just want to get to the bottom of it all now!
Making us spend three whole days to find out the whole story of Old *Mute? That's just cruel!
Oh, and I guess tomorrow is the Lunar New Year, isn't it?
I'll let you go through whatever rituals you need to on your own; we just met, so I don’t think it would be right to impose.
Just let me know when you're done, okay? Because I want to find out the whole story! Like, you're supposed to ring in the new year by paying respects to your ancestors, right?
...well, I guess Old *Mute is my real ancestor, so, like, it's kinda appropriate to be reading about her tomorrow.
Anyway, okay, out of power for today!
I'll give you a button to shut everything down for the night. SO, um, whenever you're ready, just click on that!
Okay, that's all!

But first!

Let's wrap up Day 1 by seeing what *Mute has to say about the people we've read about so far. Skipping the ones she doesn't have anything interesting to say about yet...

Heo Seo-yeong

Councilor Lee

Kim So-hi

Heo Ae-jeong

Heo Seung-bok

Minister Tae

Oh Eun-a

Professor Kim

Princess Ryu

Councilor Ryu

Old *Mute



One email, about starship maintenance.

Okay, I'll just let you go ahead and save your data first!
Okay, all done.
Man, I can't wait until tomorrow!