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Part 31: *Mute, day 2 - Mimi

Let's not waste any time... I'm anxious to read about what happened!

Well said! Let's extract some files.

But first, a diagnostic.


Today's main course is the rest of block M1.

Elegance in her cat-like grin - Heo Seo-yeong, Korean, December 18, 4038

...I can't believe the political situation was so perilous, though...

Uh, what's up with this tone...?

...wait, did Seo-yeong look on Old *Mute like a husband...?!

Daily Report for March 15 - Heo Seo-yeong, Korean, March 15, 4042

1600 years is such a long time...

...well, like, at least she didn't take nonsense from women.

Fuck Heo family gatherings - Heo Seung-bok, Korea, July 3, 4042

...oh, no, this isn't going to be one of those stories, is it?

...yep, sure is.

...who is this base woman, and why is she in their home...?

...yeah, I know how this story ends...

What..? Of course knowing the classics is important!

This is around when the Meritocracy Act was rearranging the face of the Council.

...tch, Kim sure is hen-pecked.

Oh, geeze... I guess I can't blame him with a wife like that, though...


Oh, wow... I misread that one! Well, if he's a man, that's okay.

Break time!

Like... what the hell is up with this society's treatment of marriage?
Queen Eun-a always told me it was bad in the past, but like...
...I don't know. I guess, like, it's one thing to understand abstractly how those relationships worked... but another to read about individuals, you know?
And the idea of being together with you...
...I mean, you know, you're very kind to me, you gave me a new home, you're helping me learn about all this... I'm not ungrateful...
I just feel like... you're settling for me.

*Hyun-ae called, she wants her gimmick back.

I don't want to be the one who's responsible for your life going astray, okay?
...geeze, that's so much pressure! I mean...

So... that's why I feel strongly about this, okay? I think you deserve better!
...if I'm distracting you from finding that, well... I feel...
...forget it.
...anyway, though, we were talking about the people on the Mugunghwa.
I don't mean to judge you, I just, like... I don't get it!
Why would anyone be so cruel to women as forcing them into a role they can't fulfill?
And I mean, like...
...I don't know, it doesn't seem like anyone really cares that much about marriage in this period?
Like, reading about Heo Seo-yeong... it sure sounds like she put her work relationship with Old *Mute over her marriage!
...I just don't get it.
Like, if it weren't for the names, reading stuff like that, I'd think they were men!
But even more importantly, they just don't seem to respect marriage very much, period.

It's just... it's the most important relationship!
...I don't know. It just feels unfair.
Filial relationships are the most important things, and for a woman, marriage is the most important one of those!
Like, I'm not being judgmental, okay? This isn't a superiority thing!
It's just, you know, to expect women to get by without those relationships, all alone..., it just feels incredibly cruel.
I'm a security program, right? My job is to prioritize stability above all else. It's important!
Like, stability isn't just about stopping banditry! It starts with people, okay?
If individual families aren't even in harmony... then what hope does the rest of the ship have?
...I mean, I guess we both know the answer to that question, in the end.

That boy - Heo Seung-bok, Korean, October 24, 4042

...okay... Poor kid.

Pretty much this face for the rest of this log.

"Western style" food? What's that...?, was that kind of problem with literacy normal...?

...but there's still a ton of this log file left to go. I know where this is going...

...yep. Detailed description of a night's love affair. Knew it.

...heh, okay...

Well... I guess even in the barbaric past, men's natures didn't change.

Bao-yu and the Mirror - Heo Seung-bok, December 20, 4042

Oh, men.

...well, he shouldn't be turning a blind eye to that sort of thing...

Oh, ha ha, of course it's Dream of the Red Chamber! How cruel.

I still don't know what's going on in this scene.

...ha ha, yep. Totally is.

Called it!

...Seung-bok, you idiot.

Ha! See, it's important to be well read!


Please talk to me - Mimi, Hanmun, February 22, 405

Oh, wow... I didn't realize he was so responsible...

...he's a commoner, but he's got the heart of a gentleman, for sure.

So, that's block M1 taken care of.

What next?

The usual deal. Blocks remaining are M2, M5 and M6. Vote until Wednesday.