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Part 33: *Mute, day 2 - Heo Seo-yeong

Health check!

All remains well.

Extracting the first chunk of Block M6.

The New Council - Heo Seo-yeong, Korean, June 27, 4042

...this Meritocracy thing sounds legitimately perplexing, though.


...tch, how disrespectful..., what a thing to suggest...

Without Him - Heo Seo-yeong, Korean, September 24, 4043


...well... I know dressing down an elder male relative is wrong, but... in this case...

It's a hard truth, but... he's surely not wrong...

...whoa, geeze! See... that's why women security officers are a terrible idea!

That is still not okay!

She's just too emotional to be given that kind of responsibility... she clearly can't handle it!

Wait.. how was he not the most important...?!

So even a man-hater like Old *Mute could feel love...


...this is not the way things should be! It's just... so wrong!

A woman shouldn't have to be given the impossible task of protecting her husband... That's just not fair..

Memorial Speech Draft - Park Jin-sung, Hanmun, October 1, 4043

...if the language of the classics isn't good enough for you, what is?

This sure is, like, a lot of flowery language to defend barbarianism...

...well, that's god.

Good advice...

Break time!

Like, she's... kind of a bitch, isn't she?
She's incredibly rude to all her superiors on the council, she thinks she knows best about everything... it's so completely arrogant!
To say nothing of all the conspiring...

I guess.

Like, I don't think she's beyond sympathy, okay? It's just that I would expect so much better from someone like her.
A rude, disrespectful woman like that being in such an important role... like, if she were just some random woman being rude, it wouldn't be a big deal.
But she's really prominent! She's attached to a noble family, she plays a huge role on the ship's ruling body... she's supposed to set an example!
I just can't believe that kind of person shares the same base code as me
She wears pants, she has disgusting habits like smoking, she's a bitch, she has an out-of-control woman in charge of her security men...

As gloriously tempting as that bottom option is, it cuts the conversation short, so I'll avoid it. For now.

Well, of course you think that! You're a woman!
Why wouldn't you think I was more attractive if I was more like a man? That's why this whole thing with you liking me doesn't make any sense!
I'm not a man! I'm not programmed to be like one, okay?
I can't change that! And I know Old *Mute couldn't either.
...look, I care about you, okay?
You're my rescuer, I'm your wife... I owe you a lot, and like, despite your flaws, I respect you.
I want what's best for you.
I look at Heo Seo-yeong, who was in love with Old *Mute, and like... she just let her die alone!
I don't want to be like that, okay? I don't want you to be like that! I don't want anyone to be like that!
...I just want what's best for the person I like!
...sorry, I thought taking a break would calm me down, but clearly it's having the opposite effect.
Let's just get back to reading, okay?

The President's Arrest - Heo Seo-yeong, Korean, November 27, 4044

Old *Mute wouldn't even let her be a good mother?


Wow. Yikes.

...ugh, it's just.. completely unfair to put a woman in that situation!

What's going on here...?

...she's way too emotionally volatile for this...


...poor woman.. that's just not fair.

Election Night II - Old *Mute, Korean, November 29, 4044

Wait... what?! Navigation AI...?


This dynamic... it's really uncomfortable...

..1600 years... I can't imagine, though...

...will that happen to me...?!

No, you shouldn't be able to! What the hell is wrong with this society?!

...Old *Mute, you liar.

This is the person I used to be?!

Daily Report for December 11 - Heo Seo-yeong, Korean, December 11, 4044 women like Seo-yeong were just disconnected from reality...?

It's not weird! Why would a woman like you even want to be there...?!

...a better family head wouldn't be so oblivious.

Tch... that's no place for a noblewoman...

And that's another set finished!

I'm going to put it in myself, okay? I need to know what it says...!

We will. Next time.