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Part 36: *Mute, day 3 - New *Mute

I'm really sorry about the construct who was here before me...
To tell you the truth, I'm a little bit scared right now. This is not what I was expecting. This is so far out of normal operating parameters.
Her memories are wiped for good... I wish I had even those to go off, but I've got nothing. Just, like, the same documents you can see.
Also, like... "Software Bride *Mute"? Seriously? Truly, this is the weirdest of possible futures...
But... okay, right, dialogue options. I need to actually get your feedback here, it's important.
So, um... shoot, what do I even ask...

Oh... right, of course...
I'm really sorry...
Well... I guess now all you've got left of her is me.
I guess, maybe, out of respect... I should use something to differentiate my name.

...I know this is all really sudden, but like...

I'm glad I have at least that much...
Even if I can't live up to who she was... I'm still her!
Give me a chance, okay?
We've got one day until Earth.
I've got a lot of stuff to figure out. And I figure... if the old me trusted you, then I can too.

Thank you. That's something, at least.
(Also, um, side note, for the record? This interface SUCKS. Like, who would ever CHOOSE to communicate with something as clumsy as a dialogue wheel?)
Anyway... okay. So you were reading through the log files from the Mugunghwa, right?
Like, why don't we continue to go through those together?
I need some time to parse things... and I don't think I'll be able to figure out who I am without getting the whole story.
*Mute's note... she says that she's a failure of a security program, so what does that make me?
What kind of person am I... how can I learn from their mistakes?
How can I make sure that the construct that was here before me... the one who trusted you... well, like... can I live up to that?
I think I can only find out by reading more... and doing it with you, the person she trusted.

Okay, then, Miss Investigator... lead on!

Now, the first thing to do with our new partner: Read every log we've already read, again.

Don't worry, I'm not going to capture all of that in detail.

It'll be nice to get some commentary on Block 13, though, won't it?

My Awakening - *Mute, Hanmun, 7/4 year 10

...yeah, that sounds about right...


Weekly Writing Assignment #7 - Princess Ryu, Hanmun, 7/18 year 10

First Midday Report - *Mute, Hanmun, 11/10 year 10

Girl Talk - *Mute, Hanmun, 8/1 year 15

"Staring at a wall"? Geeze, Eun-a sure was a mess... I used to be the patient type, I guess...?

Um, "punishing maids" isn't going to be part of my job on your ship, right...?

Declaration of a New Dynasty - Emperor Ryu, Hanmun, 1/1 year 1

...sorry, that was too far. I know, like, even given the lies... *Mute believed in this to the end. know, it doesn't really sound like storing people in analogue bodies really worked out well, either. Digital seems a lot safer to me.

Like, okay, sure. It's pretty convincing. I am convinced. That is a speech that convinces.

Sneaking out at night - *Mute, 10/15 year 11


The Board of Ministers - Records Office, Hanmun, 6/30 year 10

That's... really different than the old council dynamic...

Royal Wedding - Minster Tae, Hanmun, 3/15 year 1

"Awful fucking computer girl." I like that, that's a good nickname.

Um, just to be perfectly clear... "little sister" means "lesbian lover," right? even he believed it was Seo-eong's fault...?

Sounds like the culture shift wasn't really that smooth, huh...

Funeral for a Rebel - Queen Oh Eun-a, Hanmun, 7/3 year 10

Liar, liar, liar...

That's not what the data says, you liar!

...okay, that's a lie, and cruel.


You know, like, it's a good thing she didn't believe in wearing pants... know, on account of they'd be on fire.

The dialogue's a bit inconsistent about how much or little of the logs New *Mute has read, but on Monday we'll go ahead and make sure we're all on the same page.