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Part 39: *Mute, alternate dialogue day 1

Starting over!

Let's see how *Mute reacts differently to a dude.

A new background color! Also, she's no longer labeled AI Bride.

Nothing else different until she wakes up.

Most general dialogue is the same, with some minor tweaks, such as every instance of "You're in charge, so" being replaced with "You're the man, so".

...I guess that's fair enough... I'm sorry, though.
But look, it kinda affects me a whole lot more than you, okay?
I'm already being punished enough, not being able to understand you. Be sympathetic!
Well, we're only three days away from Earth, so I guess it'll be okay to wait until it can be fixed there.

And so on.

This one is actually a complete non-choice, by intentional design of *Mute.

Yes, even if you pick Resentful.

Being a dude lets you have the technical explanation if you want!

Okay, so basically, you know how AIs can't make identical copies of themselves, right?
Well, the failsafe mechanism for detecting copies is absurdly conservative. Like, too conservative, if you ask me.
It' enough that if I copied all these files at once, it would flag it as a copy, and refuse to recompile myself.
Which is incredibly stupid, but it'd go against my coding to change that, so it can't be helped. Instead, we'll have to extract small fragments at a time, delete them from my codebase, then recompile me.
This is... um... kinda dangerous, honestly. So I think we should only extract 6 at a time.
Plus I'll put in safeguards in the script to triple-check that there's no problems after extraction.
It'll take a lot longer, as a result, but like, accidentally deleting vital instructions would be an awful way to die.
So we'll play it safe.

And so on.

Doing logs in the same order as last time.

Dialogue break after six files!

Another non-choice, aside from the rightmost option, which just cuts the conversation short.

Well... let's do it anyway, then, okay?
So... you're a space investigator, right? Aside from that, I don't really know much about what you do. Like... what kind of job is that?

For comparison, consult the options given for the female investigator:

Okay! That makes sense!
I guess you would learn a lot about people that way, wouldn't you?


Ah... how cool...
I can respect that a lot.
A noble man, travelling through space, solving mysteries, saving abandoned AIs...
...what a romantic thought.


That explains a lot, really. That's why you have such weird ideas about human nature; you can't help it, you just didn't get a good enough education.
Well, I guess that can't be helped.
But hey... you were good enough to rescue me, and that counts for something.


Okay... thanks for being honest...
Well, I guess I should only worry about one thing at a time, right?
Let's get back to our current investigation, okay?

Yes, let's.

Another break, five logs later!

But this conversation is the same as before, and has no choice points.

One last log and we're done for the day!

No more changed dialogue for now.