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Part 40: *Mute, alternate dialogue day 2 - Kim So-yi

Day 2!

I know I said last update that I'd be repeating last cycle's order, but someone reminded me that there's still a whole set of logs we've never looked through with *Mute! So, I'll be swapping day 2 and day 3's itineraries.

Grandmother knows best - Kim So-yi, Korean, March 21, 4039

...why would a Kim woman need to have a job...?

Wow, still unmarried at 22? That poor woman...

...her grandmother sounds like a good woman, at least! Even if it's late...

A curious word - KimSo-yi, Korean, October 5, 4040

...but she's a woman! A newly married one, even!

Ha, serves her right for teasing like that!

The Research Problem - Kim So-yi, Korean, December 16, 4041
Usual warning: Thumbnailed part of this update deals with sexual assault.


Oh no, why would you do that...?!

...that's a fascinating theory, but... don't invite an unrelated man alone into your home...!

Ugh, no, of course he did...

...what a disgusting man! led him on, So-yi... oh no... woman should have to deal with that.


See? This is why it's bad for women to work... thing like this happen!


*Mute ranting about the uncivilized old society. Some different stuff, though:

Oh... okay, good. That's a huge relief to me.


...well, okay, so long as she's not elevated above you.

Alternately:, because it's a complete inversion of the natural order?
I don't mean to judge you, I just, like... I don't get it!
Why would anyone be so cruel to women as forcing them into a role they can't fulfill?

Onwards as normal.

Pay Cut - Kim So-yi, Korean, October 16, 4041


What? But... that's the best age to have children at!

I guess a woman getting emotional about things like that can't be helped...

Fired - Kim So-yi, Korean, January 22, 4043

...wait, really? Like, did she have evidence...?


...that shouldn't be the most important thing to her! Her husband should!

Really, if she'd just see that it's for the better...

...she seems like a good woman! Just... with confused priorities.

Like... her backwards society really let her down; it's not her fault...

Worthless as a wife - Pyeon Nae-mun, Korean, December 16, 4044, of course it's not healthy!

Oh, geeze...

...she kind of is, though... it's just not her fault!


...that's good!

Wait... is she...?

...she is! Ugh, that's... poor thing...

Agh, no, don't encourage that! You're just going to make her retreat even further!

*Mute on...

Kim So-yi

Pyeon Nae-mun