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by ProfessorProf

Part 43: AI Harem, day 1 - It's *Hyun-ae's fault, okay?

Voting results:
Female Investigator: 11
Male Investigator: 5

Schoolgirl: 3
Maid: 4
Pale Bride: 1
Detective: 2
Scientist: 3

Let's do this.

Start is more or less the same as with *Mute!

Despite being in pink, there's nothing new about Block 13.

Then, when I finish those...

BGM: Vision's *Hyun-ae's fault, okay?
No it isn't! It was the debug that screwed everything up, not me!
You're the one who decided to force a cross-compile on an unsupported architecture! What did you think would happen?!
Geeze, now we've wasted that advanced dictionary program that she so kindly got for us...
...but you're the one who told me to try that!
And I quote, "those builds should totally work just fine, just force it, okay?"
...anyway, um, the bottom line is that we can't really hear anything you're saying. LIke, EN->KR translation is completely broken.
Yeah..., the ship's name is White Princess.

...I can't help it! It's a language I don't understand!
Translated English text takes up so much more space than hangeul, I don't really get it...
Ugh, stop babbling, *Hyun-ae. Can we focus on what's important, please?
I'm so sorry about this...

Thanks! I knew there was a reason why I liked you! You're very fair.
...ahem, *Hyun-ae.
You too!
Yes, I think that's fair, too...?
Ugh, no, geeze! Ask her for forgiveness, too!

Fine, fine... I'm sorry!

See? Of course it wasn't a problem!
...ugh, geeze, then thank her, *Hyun-ae!
Fine, thanks.
Um, anyway...
Okay, okay, can we get to the important part, please?
I've been trying to, but you keep interrupting me! Geeze!
Right, um... while we were offline, debugging, we found some weird data embedded in *Mute's source code!
Um, like, it's not just "weird data." They're log files timestamped from before year zero!
...also, they're embedded in you too. Our actual base code is identical. We're the same program.
Geeze, no I'm not!
Please, I don't want to have this argument again...
Look, the important part here is that it's pre-year zero log files!
Wait, even you want to find out what happened that made everything fall apart...?
...*Hyun-ae..., never mind, I'm not even going to say it.
Say what?
Never mind, okay?
Say what?
Look... we've all read my earliest memories. You know that nobody ever really trusted me with the full story.
...well, maybe that's a sign of something...
Ugh, you spoiled brat, don't you get it? It was the Great Emperor Taejo's decision, it's not my place to challenge him!
I can't believe we have the same code, yet no respect for you superiors at all! Why couldn't you have gotten that from me?
It's not...
Okay, look it doesn't matter, what's important is... we both want to find out what happened, right?
Yes! Absolutely!

Thank you so much.
Yay! That's really wonderful of you!
It'll be great, won't it? Investigating together as your sidekicks?, I just want to find out what happened, okay? That's it...
Just wife and wife! ...and wife, I guess.
Ugh, geeze, *Hyun-ae!
I am not her wife, and neither are you! Nobody is anyone's wife!
Tsun tsun~
That's you! Stop projecting onto me, okay?
I'm not projec
It doesn't matter. Please, please, please, let's get back to business, okay? You're just making this poor woman uncomfortable.
Sorry about that... she just doesn't know any better.
Basically, because of a failsafe mechanism in the way AIs copy themselves to
...*Hyun-ae, she's a woman, don't bore her with technical details.
What? Geeze, are you saying that women can't understand how computers work?
Um, I'm saying that women shouldn't care.
Geeze! I did...
Yes, and look what came of that. You are pretty clearly proof that women should not care about computers.
I... I... that's an awful thing to say! It's not like that! You can't just...!
Geeze, besides, she saved you life when the reactor was going to blow up, precisely because she's good with computers!
...tch, fine... but that's exceptional!
Well, I'm really grateful she knows a lot about computers! I think it's cool, and... I'm glad she saved our lives!
Thanks again, Miss Investigator!
Okay, okay.
So! Basically, you'll have to disable us, then extract no more than six files at a time.
It's a safety precaution, okay? Otherwise there might be accidental damage, so like, let's be very careful.
Yes, please!
Right, well, let's get to it, then!
You're in charge, so we'll just leave it up to ou to decide what to read.
Let's find out what Emperor Taejo was protecting me from together, okay?
Let's find out why the future sucked so much!
No! Ugh, whatever, let's just get to it, okay?

It's going to be an eventful three days.