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Part 44: AI Harem, day 1 - Rescue me from her

Rather than voting this time, I will let the whimsy of fate decide the order of logs on this run. Every time I go to the extraction screen, I will randomly select two blocks (potentially the same block twice), and extract three logs from each.

Firs picks: Block M2 and Block M6.

Already I am interrupted!

Um... of course it works.
I just wanted to make sure we were able to get your attention properly! I'll use that as an indicator from now on, all right?
...yes, *Hyun-ae, I'm sure she isn't stupid.
She's the impressive space detective who rescued us! She can travel through space faster than the speed of light! There's no need to handhold her through basic UI functions.
Geeze, I'm sorry...
Anyway, um, can we please, like, get to the important part?
Did you see that there was a log file, right at the end, named "The Death of *Mute"?
I really want to find out what's in that... but right now it's encrypted, so I don't think we'll be able to get at it today.
We're trying, though!
Yes, yes. Anyway, let's stop wasting time.
Also, um, by the way... I changed the name field on all of them that said "*Mute" to "Old *Mute"... just so there's no confusion with me, okay? Anyway, you're in charge, so I'll let you get back to it.
Lead on, Miss Investigator~

SO COOL - Mae Jin-a

Ugh, geeze...

...well, I think it's cute..., what is up with this tone?

She's really charming... someone like that...
...what are you saying?

...would be awful nice to be with...

...who even says things like "get chance!"...?
What's wrong with that...?

The Hairpin - Heo Ae-jeong

...yeah, I'd expect an actor who was also a woman to be that dramatic.

Oh no! That's so mean!, yikes...

...oh no, poor Jin-a...

...oh, clever girl.
Ah, she is!

"Smitten"? Oh no, ugh!

...does she think she's a man...?

NO. YOU'RE RIGHT, YOU SHOULDN'T HAVE SAID THAT.'s kind of nice, though...


But I'd... um, never mind!

Is... this what adult relationships are like...?

Don't Pick the Flowers (review) - Mu Re Monthly

...wouldn't you, like, have to worry about passions running too high...?
If you say so...

The New Council - Heo Seo-yeong

...huh... that's all because of "Meritocracy"?


...tch, how disrespectful...
Don't you sympathize, though...?

...wo, what a thing to suggest...

Without Him - Heo Seo-yeong


...well... I know dressing down an elder male relative is wrong, but... in this case....
Yeah... I'm with Old *Mute on this... I think that's good of her.

It's a hard truth, but... he's surely not wrong...
I guess...

...whoa, geeze! See... that's why women security officers are a terrible idea!

...that's an awful thing to say...!
That is still not okay!

She's just too emotional to be given that kind of responsibility... she clearly can't handle it!

What... how was he not he most important...?!
Well, maybe she means... even a man-hater like Old *Mute could feel love...
Of course! She's still you, after all!

Wait, what's that supposed to mean?!
Nothing, nothing!

Wait, is she saying...? Even at that time, men did things like that with..?
Men will always be men, dear.


Memorial Speech draft - Park Jin-sung

...if the language of the classics isn't good enough for you, what is?
There's lots of good things written in hangeul, you know!

Like what, *Hyun-ae? Your silly comics about maids?
...there's other things...

This sure is, like, a lot of flowery language to defend barbarianism...

Geeze, what's with the swearing, though?
Well, like, this was a speech meant for men to hear, so it's okay.

Good advice...

Nice timing!

I'm doing just fine, but I think *Hyun-ae could really use a break from all this reading.
Huh...? I'm fine. I'm happy to get back to it!
...okay, fine, I could really use a break.
I'm feeling... I don't know, I guess it's, like, culture shock.
Oh... I know what that's like. I'm really sorry.
Oh, shut up, I don't want pity! I just, like... need a few minutes to recontextualize things.

Okay, thanks!
I'd appreciate that, too, really.
Okay, okay...
I feel like the big thing to me is...
Like... what is up with the Heo family?
I was attached to the Ryu family for 312 years, and I've seen a lot, okay? Like, I've seen shit as crazy as adoptive heirs taking the throne, and a queen who secretly manipulated the emperor behind his back...
...but I have never seen anything from a respectable noble family that's anything like what the Heo family was like.

What?! Geeze...

I... guess I already sort of knew that, but that's...
Um, okay, never mind! No need to explain any further!
Um... are you sure she understood your original question, though?
What? Ugh, it's rude to patronize our rescuer lke that, of course she understood!
...well, I kind of didn't, so... could you please explain what you meant like that?
Tch, really? Isn't it obvious?
Really!'s a family led by a woman! Like, I'm guessing that Old *Mute was attached to the family for a long time, but... how did it even happen that the main branch of the Heo family was run by a woman without any sons?
Like, that's inherently a dead end! Even ignoring the unsuitability of a woman for that kind of responsibility, like... a Heo woman couldn't have a son named Heo, so... how does the branch continue?

Why are you looking at me...?
Well, you're from the barbaric past. Was that a normal thing as far back as your times, too?
Um... let me think..
...yeah, I think so? I mean, I remember that was a pretty normal thing in all my books, but I was pretty young, so...
Still, if it was in your books... it's not like your parents would have given you books full of stuff they realized was morally depraved or anything.
Yeah, probably not.
So... how did that work, then? Like, would the branch just change...? Would one of her sons be adopted into the Heo family? Or what? Like, how would Old *Mute know what person to be associated with after Seo-yeong was gone? Would she just suddenly change families? Like, what would her relationship be?, I'm sorry! I have no idea!
Sorry! I wish I could tell you... but, um, I was really young when I got frozen, remember? That's not the sort of thing 13-year-olds worry about...
...okay, okay.
Um, hey, are you okay?
...yes, I'm fine!
Really? Um, you're kinda crying.
Oh... sorry... it's just...
...that's the first time anyone's ever been willing to take my views on how things were in the past seriously... or give any sort of credit to my real parents.
...oh, *Hyun-ae.
Thank you so much, *Mute!
...okay, okay, let's... just get back to work, okay?
Maybe somehow it'll make more sense to me as I read...
Thank you!
Please knock it off! Geeze.. Miss Investigator, rescue me from her...?