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Part 45: AI Harem, day 1 - You're a computer program, so you can't have soup

Today's rolls: M4 and more M6!

Amendment of the Education Act - Records Office

...I don't understand what they're talking about...
Don't worry about it, dear. It's best if women don't worry about politics.

I still can't imagine Queen On Eun-a as an official...

Oh! Of course Eun-a would want to improve literacy!
So... she's the reason whyI couldn't understand what everyone wrote...

Whoa... *Mute back then really was harsh...
Yeah. like, I respect that, but.. what a cold maneuver...

...I can't deal with how rude she is, though!

Chief Councilor - Records Office

...ha ha, wow, I always thought politics would be more civil...
It should be! Like, all this uncivilized bickering... it's not right!

...1600 years? Wow... that's...
Wow.. even older than I am! By a lot! Old *Mute name the new Chief Councilor that easily?

Motherhood Credit Act - Records Office

...well, actually, I guess it'd be worse without marriage being respected, huh...

I don't really get it...

...geeze, what's with her arguing with a man like that...? I'd never!

Even if you knew he was wrong...?
Um, like, if I thought he was wrong, I would try to understand what my misunderstanding was. That's the mature thing to do, okay?

Is it...?
Don't worry, *Hyun-ae, it's okay. I know you'll get it eventually!

...but, like, I guess it went through in the end, right?

The President's Arrest - Heo Seo-yeong

Old *Mute wouldn't even let her be a good mother?
I'm sure it was important...

Wow. Yikes.

...ugh, it's just... completely unfair to put a woman in that situation!
I know I'd be terrified!

Really? They were going to arrest the President?
...that's really serious, wow., intense...

Intense is an understatement... like, she's way too emotionally volatile for this...

...I guess it's hard to be tough, huh...
Yeah... see how it's just not really suited for how emotional women are?

It's just not fair for her...

Election Night II - Old *Mute

Wait... what?! Navigation AI...?
What? You didn't know? I had a mission patch with him on it... he was really cool!

No... I didn't know. But it makes sense...


This dynamic... it's really uncomfortable...
You think so...?

...1600 years... I can't imagine, though...
Me neither... a thousand more years would be.. I couldn't.

No, you shouldn't be able to! What the hell is wrong with this society?!

Somehow, this atmosphere feels really intimate...
I know! It feels like.. like, it doesn't feel like they're a pair of women, it feels like...

...Old *Mute, you liar.
But.. she's trying...

It doesn't matter if she's trying... you know full well how this ends, that's not enough! This false confidence...

Break time!

Okay, sure.
I always thought, when I was alive and sick, that I'd love to be free of my body.
That it'd be great to be free of all its stupid fragility!
Turns out, not so much?
Not so much.
Like, I have a simulation of arms and legs and a face, so I don't go mad, but...
Wait, you do?
Yeah! Um... you know, your body sort of affects the way you think, so it's important. I remember my real father telling me something about that as a kid.
But you're the same program as me, and I don't have that. Huh?
I keep telling you... I'm not the same program! We're not even the same base code, geeze!
I had a lot of time to myself, so I programmed that in myself.
Wait, like, you can do that... You changed my code?
I changed my code!
Look, this isn't what I wanted to talk about! What I was trying to say was that, even still, I really miss having a body a lot.
I mean, it's so exciting to talk to people, finally! Even you, *Mute!
...glad to hear it...
I just... really miss, well... touch!
Especially while reading about things like visiting the plaza to buy flowers, like Ae-jeong did... I just wish...

Eheh, I guess it's not really much of a choice...
It's just really important to me!
What about you, *Mute?
Um, I don't know anything about that sort of thing. Obviously I don't miss it.
But aren't you curious? Don't you want to know what it's like, to feel, to touch...?
Um, I don't really have any use for that.
But... you've been in love before, right? Even Old *Mute experienced that!
...I'm still a woman, *Hyun-ae.
How do you think Smith Sang-jung would feel? Don't you think he'd want you to be able to touch, if you could?
Don't just evoke someone like that so casually!
...but he did, of course...
Sometimes, I would even render myself with my hair let down in front of him...
...he liked that...
...ugh, geeze, why am I telling you this, though?
I think that would be really nice!
You could even find out just how heavy the real version of that giant headdress you used to wear was!
I wonder... what would it e like to have hair again?
Could it be blown in the wind? Would it be fluffy...?
Um... I wouldn't really know...
It makes me think of Ryu Jae-hwa, my husband's wife... she'd comfort me and brush my hair.
I, um... I could do that for you, if you wanted!
Why would I want that?!
...well, I just thought, because I liked it an awful lot...
...but now that I think of it...
...I just don't remember what it felt like to be touched like that. I don't remember touch at all.

Oh! Well, that's good!
I don't even remember the feeling of that, anymore... but I know it was really comforting!
Really, I don't want to be stuck behind a computer screen forever... I just want to remember what it's like to be touched.
Geeze, *Hyun-ae, that's... that's way too brazen!
Please don't get jealous on me because she said yes...
What? NO.
I'm not... I don't...
Ugh, geeze, I don't want that! I don't want it from you, or her, or anyone else! My hair stays up!
...sorry, I didn't think it'd matter that much to you...
Agh! I will not be teased by a lovestruck girl with a fixation on hair fluffiness!
Like, if this is what taking a break is like... I'd rather get back to work!

Daily Report for December 11 - Heo Seo-yeong women like Seo-yeong were just disconnected from reality...?

It's not weird! Why would a woman like you even want to be there...?!

...a better family head wouldn't be so oblivious.
Wait, if she doesn't have a little sister, then who does she mean...?

This is awfully... well...'s no place for a noblewoman, that's for sure.

That we are, *Mute.

I know, we wasted most of today's power on all that debugging... you should apologize again, *Hyun-ae.
What? But it's not my fault!
Ugh, well, I'm sorry. And I'm sorry about her.
Why are you so mean...?
I'm not being mean! You're just being disrespectful!
Enough of the childish bickering, *Hyun-ae! The important thing is, that's al we can do for toady.
Like, no matter how you look at it, it's going to take us all three days to get through this all.
Well, maybe it's for the better that we pace it out, anyway... it's not as if it's going to have a happy ending...
I don't know what you're talking about. It all ended perfectly okay!
And I don't want to wait. This whole time limit thing sucks, I'd stay up all night reading if I could!
Anyway, we can't.
I'm looking forward to tomorrow, though!
Oh... right, the Lunar New Year is tomorrow.
Well, let's let her do any of her rituals first, then get back to us.
Aw... but I wanna get a new hanbok to show off for her, and have tteokguk, and...!, dear, you're a computer program. You cannot have soup.
...but you're a computer program, so you can't have soup! It's not possible! Don't be weird, okay?
Fine, fine...
...anyway, um...
Right! Like, we're out of power for today. I'll give you a button to shut everything down for the night.
So, um, whenever you're ready, just click on that!
Okay, that's all!
I still wanna do all the proper new year's stuff, though...
Oh, shush. We'll be spending the new year reading about Old *Mute, our ancestor. That's close enough, isn't it?
Um... she's not my ancestor...
...okay, whatever, we're not getting into this right now.
Just click the shutdown button when you're all done, Miss Investigator!


Okay, I'll just let you go ahead and save your data first!
Okay, all done!
Well, good night~
Man, I can't wait until tomorrow!