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Part 46: AI Harem, day 2 - Is this another one of your otaku things?

Thank you!
Um, hi, Miss Investigator! So, um... you know how it's traditional to wear a new hanbok to bring in the New Year, right?
Well... I thought I'd design a new one for me! I'm really really proud of it.
I tried to convince *Mute to let me make her a new one, too... but she wouldn't let me.
Ugh, I won't have you dressing me up, okay? I don't trust your taste!
Besides, I already just changed, anyway. This outfit has a lot of sentimental value to me, okay? Just think of it as being my new hanbok.
Well, I do think it's cute, especially the hair...
Okay, okay, can we just get back to serious business now?
All this cosplay stuff kinda ruins the mood.. like, what's even the point of bringing it up in the middle of serious history? It's so pointless...
Geeze, it's not pointless at all! It's something I really enjoy doing! Besides, isn't seamstressing something that women are supposed to like, even according to you?
...well, sure... but it's still just pandering, no matter how you try to justify it.
Well, geeze... maybe I like to pander a little!

Eheh, great!
Okay, fine, whatever! I don't care.
But please, can we get back to reading now? I want to find out what happened, okay?
If you want to be frivolous on the side... whatever, but can we not keep wasting time?
Very well...
But I think you should switch me over to that new hanbok first... I think you'll like it!

Today's rolls: M1 and M2!

Let's Crush a Rebellion! - Old *Mute

Wait, what...?

How is that a crisis...?
She makes more money than her husband?!, what's wrong with that, *Mute?
...that's our criticism, *Hyun-ae?!




Worse than scary, disrespectful!

Efficient and subtle - Smith

Public demonstration? Whoa...

Wow, she's even sarcastic to men! *Mute...
...I know, it's awful!

Banditry? On the Mugunghwa...?!

...tch, rude...


...what was that?

Nothing, nothing!

Ryu? As in... Captain and Emperor Ryu?
...yes, exactly! Ryu Hyeon-su was the birth name of the dynasty founder, Emperor Taejo.

Election Night - Heo Seung-bok

Dad-logic: "I bet my daughter will love it in the future!"
Is "dad-logic" a pejorative? How unfilial...

...ugh, geeze, *Hyun-ae, show some respect! You're as bad as him!

...oh, geeze! Does he mean her husband was doing...?
...the maids? Yeah, I think so.

Wow... Seo-yeong is really scary...

Wow... women working really are as emotional as you'd think...
I didn't mean it like that... I'm sure it's fine!

You know, this Seung-bok boy seems a little awkward...

Um, just because he's dead doesn't mean you shouldn't show respect, *Hyun-ae.

Break time!

It's not even like *Hyun-ae, because she's me, but she has all of the dead Pale Bride's memories overriding all my core values...
I'm not you I am the Pale Bride, geeze! Why do you keep saying this?!
Okay, okay, you're wrong, but that's not my point. I'm just saying, in the case of you, it's totally different.
But Old *Mute started from the same blank slate that I did! The same core directives, the same values! But... like, even still, she's nothing like me.
Like, she's... kind of a bitch, isn't she?

...what was that?!
It had better have been nothing! Ugh, stop interrupting me!
But, you know...
She's incredibly rude to all her superiors on the council, she thinks she knows best about everything... it's so completely arrogant!
To say nothing of all the conspiring...

I guess.
Yeah! I don't like her attitude, but.. I don't know, there's something about her...
...well, I don't know what *Hyun-ae's talking about.
But like, I don't think Old *Mute's beyond sympathy, okay? It's just that I would expect so much better from someone like her.
A rude, disrespectful woman like that being in such an important role... like, if she were just some random woman being rude, it wouldn't be a big deal. But Old *Mute... she's really prominent! She's attached to a noble family, she plays a huge role on the ship's ruling body... she's supposed to set an example!
I just can't believe that kind of person shares the same base code as me.
She wears pants, she has disgusting habits like smoking, she's a bitch, she has an out-of-control woman in charge of her security men...
...sorry, I thought taking a break would calm me down, but clearly it's having the opposite effect.
Sorry... I didn't mean to...
Forget it!
Let's just get back to reading, okay?

I hate the mornings after (1) - Mae Jin-a
NSFW text ahead, as usual.

What even is this? In the absence of men, do all women just naturally play married...?!

...why wouldn't she...? Is Ae-jeong a noisy sleeper...?
...oh, *Hyun-ae.

...oh, my...
Um, maybe, like, you shouldn't be reading things like this, *Hyun-ae...

Is that normal for a girl's body, *Mute...?
...I don't know, okay? Why do you think I would know that?!

I... wasn't really prepared for this kind of detail...

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! This is... that sounds like... I'd... gosh...
...something you'd what?!

Nothing! Nothing at al! I don't find it romantic even slightly!

I hate the mornings after (2) - Heo Ae-jeong

...see, this is why it doesn't make sense for women to be together.
...I can understand that, though...

...wait... but I thought it was Ae-jeong who played the man's role...?
Huh...? What does that even mean...?

Oh geeze... I shouldn't be reading this...

...this is...

I feel really sad for her, though...

Rendezvous in the Dark (review) - Mu Re Monthly