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Part 48: AI Harem, day 2 - Let's never talk about any of that ever again

Rolls: M1 and M4!

Elegance in her cat-like grin - Heo Seo-yeong

It's a lot of scheming, isn't it?
Sure is...


What's up with this tone...?
Aww, it's sweet!

...wait, did Seo-yeong look on Old *Mute like a husband...?!
What, jealous...?

What? Ugh... of course I'm not jealous!

Daily Report for March 15 - Heo Seo-yenog

Suits?! I knew the past was uncivilized, but... Old *Mute too?
I bet you'd look good in one, too!, ugh, how inappropriate!

I bet it would make Miss INvestigator's heart skip a beat, too~
I don't care about that, okay?!

Can I replace you with a large potted plant...?

Fuck Heo family gatherings - Heo Seung-bok

...oh, no, this isn't going to be one of those stories, is it?

...I liked playing hwatu too, though... the cards are pretty.
Um... but like, you didn't play any games like that, right...?, of course not! This is... a bit... um...

I, um...
...who is this base woman, and why is she in their home...?

...yeah, I know how this story ends...

What...? Of course knowing the classics is important!
So even then they were using Chinese characters... that's so stupid!

...ugh, geeze...

Geeze! But... he has a wife...!
See, *Hyun-ae, that's what happens to wives who act like shrews.

...aaaaa, geeze.. what is he saying...?!
...maybe you're too sensitive to be reading this.

It's... cute in a way, I suppose... is this how adults are...?
...uh, kinda...

Oh, wow... I misread that one! Well, if he's a man, that's okay.

Break time!

You left us out last time, but never again!

Um, okay, fair enough, but...
...well, it's something kind of embarrassing, so I don't really want to say it in front of you, for her sake!
Wait... what? What are you talking about...?
Oh, um, you know, some of your data that we brought back from the Mugunghwa.

Please don't mention that! That's... that's...!
I don't want to talk about that at all!
I just don't know about some of your ideas about--
No! Please, don't say anything! It's too embarrassing!
Look, I didn't think I'd ever talk to another person again when I wrote those, alright? It was over 400 years ago! Please don't bring that up!
...well okay, I just... wanted to make sure you understood--
Please! Let's move on! Let's talk about something else! Let's talk about anything else!
How about we just get back to reading? Reading is good! I like reading! Let's get back to reading! Let's never talk about any of that ever again!

Sure, why not.

Nobility Stipend Agreement - Records Office

...why would it be any different...?

Okay, I don't understand what's noteworthy about this.
I'm glad it's not just me!

Meritocracy Act (day 9) - Records Office


As in... Queen Eun-a would have ultimate oversight of the council...? Oh...

...hanging out nobles to dry? How barbaric...

What? Of course it makes a different - respecting elders is important!

So... "Meritocracy" wasn't meant to change anything, then. How corrupt.

The New Council - Records Office

That's not my place to say.

...I can't believe it... I was this much of a shrew inthe past...?!

Like, no wonder the ministers thought I was trouble, having known her!
If you say so...

Wait, I thought engineering was supposed to be our family! Why is his name Han...?

...I used to have that kind of power?!
Is that a bad thing?

No, it's just... like... did she think wearing pants let her dictate to men like that?!

The other title I considered for this LP was "The Dangers of Pants - Let's Play Hate Plus."


...geeze, she sure deserved that one.