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Part 51: AI Harem, day 3 - I know what it's like to be scared

From here I'm just gonna ditch the randomization gimmick and start cleaning up. So, remnants of M1 and M4.

Lineage Act Amendment - Records Office

Right! That's the sort of thing I'm talking about! How does something like that happen?

I have to admit... I don't really get all this stuff about money...
Well, you were a royal consort, you didn't have to.

...tch, how rude of her...!

That was quick.

...sure, whatever.
It's not like I'm good for doing anything else.

I want to help her, I want to support her, the way nobody ever did for me! But...
I just don't know what to say.
How do I reassure her? How do I get her to open up?

Let's play therapist this time!

What, isn't it obvious?
No matter how you look at it... I'm worthless.
I had one job. ONE JOB! Keep the Mugunghwa safe.
I mean, like, what's done is done, I'm not... it's... fine, you beat me. You got past *Mute Security Systems and enacted the worst case scenario of what I was supposed to stop.
I wasn't--
It doesn't matter! Don't justify it, it doesn't matter. The point is, you beat me.
Three hundred years of experience was bested by an 18-year-old royal consort who learned a few command line tricks from her dad.
What kind of worthless security program can't even stop that?!
Oh, well, maybe if I had more experience, I could've instead just been killed in the same way Old *Mute was.
She's just as much of a failure as me... but at least she didn't have to live with herself afterwards!

She was... I know, your feelings on her are complicated, and that's fair, but...'s just not right to dismiss someone like that completely as being a failure. It's not that simple!

This sort of thing has happened before, and it was always due to human error.

Please, don't take responsibility for me... you didn't even have proper security permissions, right?
I guess...
Are you saying that it was your fault that you weren't able to read the log files encrypted by my family?
It's not that simple!
But it's not your fault, right? Won't you admit that it's at least not your fault that you couldn't read those?
But... still, I could have protested, and tried to get elevated security permissions!
Was it your fault that my husband changed the root password to my name?
I should have said something!
You would have argued with the Emperor?
...maybe if I had, everyone would still be alive...
Maybe if I just hadn't been programmed like a stupid woman...
...if I was just capable of being more rational about things...
...if I could have been the sort of construct that was better equipped to argue with Emperor Ryu, to stop him from giving you the root password...
...if I'd just been a male construct instead, maybe everyone would still be alive.
[IMG][/IMG *Mute...
I know, I know! It's impossible!
That's not who I am, and no amount of cursing fate will ever change that.
But I was designed to be a security program... if I can't do that, then what good am I?
I still think you're--
Well, you're wrong, okay?!
Just shut up with your shitty platitudes!

I'm just trying to help!
I want her back to her old combative self, sure, but... not like this!
I don't think she's worthless at all! Why won't she believe me?
I just want to support her...

Why the hell not.

...come here.

...I don't...
You're scared. You're shocked. You've learned a lot of horrifying things over the past three days. It's traumatic, and you don't know how to deal with it.
There's no way to deal with that! I... I...
You're upset. You're emotional. You're traumatized.
Please trust me, *Mute. I know how you're feeling.
Please trust me!
Let me be rational for you. Let me help you, please! You're allowed to be scared... but don't let being scared make you say things that aren't really try. Let me be objective for you.
...thank you, nobody's ever...
...okay. I'll try. Maybe you're right.
*Mute, the universe scares me, too.
Earth might be more like the place I dreamed of than the place I woke up in...
...but I'm just like you, *Mute. We grew up in the same society,learned to serve in the same royal women's quarters...
...I don't know how to deal with the Earth I dreamed of any better than you do!
I need someone who can be with me, to support me!
I know you're scared... but I'm scared too.
But I think if we're together, we can learn to deal with that scary barbaric universe together.
I... maybe...
But... why? Why would you even trust me like this? Why do you care so much about a failure of a security program like me, that never did anything for you?

That would be too forward... and she'd never accept it!

*Hyun-ae, what have you gotten yourself into.

I've learned a lot about you over the past three days. I know what kind of person you used to be... and maybe I have complicated feelings, but I know you're good, and have always stood up for what you believe in!
Okay, okay...
What do I have to lose?
I'll... I'll believe in you.
I'm still *Mute, AI in charge of the Mugunghwa's security operations. I still have a job to do...
So... even if I'm scared... even if I don't know what to do... even if I've failed so many times before...
...I'll give it a shot, *Hyun-ae.
Thank you! Thank you, thank you!

Let's finish reading these all together, then.
That's something I can do.

Bureaucrat Class Act - Records Office

...I can't believe...

I still don't get any of this... what are they talking about...?
Well, it's the social class that families like Heo were part of in our time...

I'd never be like that! I can be chatty, but... there's a time and place for that!

Unity Act - Records Office

...I don't really get it, but... really seems like she believes strongly about this...
...I know! Over Ryu himself!

...I can't believe I'd defend the principles of that awful society like this...

Geeze, if she'd gotten her way... things would be so different!
...well, that would be...

That would be what?


Just wow...