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Hate Plus

by ProfessorProf

Part 55: AI Harem, day 3 - Let's enjoy our hateful days together

Maid Interrogation - Old *Mute

For reference:

I'm just saying, I wouldn't mind interrogating her~
...what does that even mean?

Wait, was mourning attire not usual?
Oh, aw. Mourning attire is really boring... some respect, *Hyun-ae! Queen Eun-a's sister was dead!

..."their bed"...?

Yeah.. I don't remember anyone drinking tea with the servants, either...
Of course no! That would be weird.

...I, um, never would have imagined Eun-a being like that?

...I don't really know how to feel about her anymore...

I will be his bride - Oh Eun-a

Ugh... I don't want pity, this is just...

...well, I understand that feeling...
Oh, of course you would!

...sorry, I won't say anything.
No, no, please, it's okay, you can also tell me what it's like to have sex with my superior! Like, I'd love to hear that!

I said I'm sorry...

I... I can't parse this..

Striking back at society's betrayal - Oh Eun-a

"A self-righteous bitch"?! Then why did you ever re-enable me...?!
I'm sorry, *Mute...

...I.. is that it...? Was it that barbaric society that made her like this...?



And that's the last of the logs.

Yep, that's everything.
So, um, thank you, Miss Investigator, for letting us play your sidekicks!
...speak for yourself! I just wanted to find out what happened, that's all!
And... well... like, I learned a lot, that's for sure... but, um... *Hyun-ae?
...I'm, um... kinda glad you were here for me today.
Having you there to support me... um, well, it was good.
Ahh... of course! Thank you so much for saying that!
Okay, okay, let's not make a big deal of it... let's just move on. Earth's not far away!
I know I've learned a lot over the past three days, too. It's been difficult for me, too.. I don't know what to feel, all of this has been so sudden...
But... thanks for rescuing me, again.
Yeah, thanks, Miss Investigator.
I, um... I actually meant you, *Mute! It was your decision to take me with you, remember?
Oh, um... like, I guess so.
Please don't say "I guess so!" That was one of the most important decisions of my life... I'm trying to be grateful!
When you came for me, when you didn't have to... that was the first moment I knew you were actually really good after all!

OKAY, NO NEED TO FINISH THAT SENTENCE, THAT'S ENOUGH OF THAT. Look, there's no need to be all dramatic here, okay? No big trite speeches about personal growth or whatever... we're going to be able to talk on Earth pretty soon!
There's star system entry procedures and stuff that we really need to get busy with.
Yes, *Mute...

Everything worked out completely perfectly!
There was an easy solution to everything, we both got the girl, nobody got hurt...
...and nothing in the past really had any sort of consequence, in the end!
I just love a perfectly happy ending... this is what I always dreamed of, and I guess dreams can come true after all!
Alright, what's the big dramatic concluding line we're going to end on? It should be good, so you can screencap it for posterity!



I mean, digital's fine, I suppose, if you don't know any better... but analogue is way better!

Oh, the hell with it.

Yeah, that's a perfect thing to end with! A kiss! How romantic~
Hey, little sister *Mute, I


For real this time.

That's it!

Insert appropriately thoughtful concluding line here.