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Hatoful Boyfriend

by ChorpSaway

Part 1: Episode 1: New School Year, New Life

So, a little bit of background. My parents have been dead since I was a child, and I have been living in a cave on the outskirts of town ever since. I’ve been living off of my hunter-gatherer abilities. That’s not my real issue, though. I guess you should know a bit more about me.

My name is Goon Lourde. I’m sixteen years old now, and am about to start my sophomore year at St. Pigeonation’s. More on that in a bit.
You may notice that I’m hiding my face in the picture. I built this helmet myself, so that I could fit in better with the others at school and avoid having to make eye contact with anybirdie else. I just… don’t feel like I fit in a lot of the time, and it’s uncomfortable to talk to other students when they all look at me funny. I’ve been trying to keep a positive attitude, but after a couple fiascos last year I’m not really sure how I’m going to make friends.
Oh, and sorry about the whole “anybirdie” and “everybirdie” thing. It’s just something I picked up in my time here and I can’t seem to stop.
That’s not the only thing that’s happened growing up though. I’ve started to have these weird thoughts about birds lately, and I’ve starting noticing more of their… bodies. Their plumage, their beaks, the way they waddle, it’s just starting to feel like-

Oh, here we are.

It’s already been a year since I ended my ordinary life and walked through these gates.
I should probably say… This school is known for one thing in particular.
This school is Japan’s -- no, the world’s, greatest gathering-place for gifted birds.
Birds who want to study the arts, the sciences, even sports all come to St. Pigeonation’s.
The teaching staff and student body are both made up of a diverse blend of birds of different backgrounds and species.
I’m often asked why I chose to come here, despite not being a bird.
It’s a long story…

Not every day I see you rushing along like this!


Ryouta’s listed voice actor, Nobuhiko Okamoto, has voiced Shin Kanzato from Persona -trinity soul-, Accelerator from Toaru Majistu no Index, and Rin Okumura from Ao no Exorcist.
On the drama CDs he is voiced by Shintaro Asanuma, who has voiced roles such as Takumu Mayuzumi from Accel World and Crow Hogan from Yu-Gi-Oh 5D’s.

This rock dove is named Kawara Ryouta. We’ve been friends since he was barely hatched.
He can be a little mischevious, but he’s responsible and kind.
He’s one of the few birds here that I feel like I can talk to. We’ve been friends for a long time and it just seems like… he gets me, you know?

Breakfast was a little hard to catch today… I can’t relax without red meat inside.

I might take you up on that offer when starvation looms. Thanks, Ryouta!

A school bell rings in the distance.

Oh, the bell already? Come on, we need to hurry to class!
Jeepers! No good being late on the first day!

And so Ryouta pulled me along into the school.
Today is the start of a new semester. I wonder what lies in store…
It was all I could do to adjust to the atmosphere last year. Better make up for all that lost fun!

Old faces, new faces… a strange thrill fills my heart as I look around at the assembled birds.
I hope we all get along. Here’s to the formation of many happy memories!
Oh! The teacher’s here!

Good morning, everybirdie!

I specialize in math and
and also some
other things…
Wake up! It’s homeroom!
…he sleeps with his eyes open!?

Kazuaki’s listed voice actor, Hirofumi Nojima, is fairly popular in kid’s anime, having lead roles in shows like Bakugan Battle Brawlers (Yujiro Hattori), Digimon: Data Squad (Tohma Norstein), and Inazuma Eleven (Gouenji Shuuya).
This quail is Nanaki Kazuaki. He’s a famously soporific math professor.
I’d heard the rumors, but I hadn’t expected him to fall asleep just like that.
Apparently he’s well-known as a mathematician. Just goes to show, great minds come in all forms!

Which reminds me, we have a transfer student.
Please, introduce yourself, Shirogane.

Oh, well. I guess that’s that.
Hey, hey, hey! That’s no good!
But he doesn’t want to introduce himself…
But we can’t just let him break the rules like that, sir! The system will collapse and we’ll all turn into kulaks and dissenters!
Of course, I knew I was exaggerating, but Professor Kazuaki seemed to be one to succumb to pressure very easily. I had to do something in order to keep the class in check.
…Well, when you put it like that… Could you at least say your own name, Shirogane?
Shirogane Le Bel Sakuya.

Sakuya’s listed voice actor, Ishida Akira, has had a few big roles, notably Nagisa Kaworu from Neon Genesis Evangelion, Gaara from Naruto, and Byakuya Togami from Dangan Ronpa.
It seems this fantail is Shirogane Sakuya. His feathers would make anybirdie proud.
He’s pretty stuck up. But then, transferring is never easy. I hope we can be friends!

I think this little bird is telling me there’s going to be trouble down the line.

…That reminds me, I’ve had these books out from the library all summer! I’ll return them now.

Is someone looking at me?
Probably just my imagination.

Mourning doves aren’t very common in Japan, but apparently they’re everywhere in America.

Umm… did you want something from me?
(He looked away…)
Not really…

I’m pretty sure it was him who I felt looking at me… There’s no one else here.

Are you sure?
Yes. I don’t want anything with you.

He glances at the desk, as if to say “Hurry up and return them already!”.

Oh… sorry. Ehehe, they were a little too dense and I never finished them.
Were you waiting for them all summer?

He silently returns his gaze to his book.
Maybe he’s in a bad mood?
Wait, this is a perfect opportunity to introduce myself!

I’m Lourde Goon. A sophomore. What about you?


Nageki’s voice actor, Saiga Mitsuki, is probably best known for voicing Tsukasa in .hack//Sign and Eugene Chaud/Enzan Ijuuin from Rockman.EXE.
Fujishiro Nageki, huh. Mourning doves are pretty rare in Japan…
Maybe it’s just his voice, but he seems kind of sad.

He’s reading his book again.

Okay. Sorry to bother you.

I keep meeting depressing people today.
Well, that was a complete bust.
Between Sakuya and Nageki, I’m not sure what to think about the new year…
Hopefully things start to look up from here.