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Part 3: Episode 3: Council is in Session

My first week had been going pretty well, until…

As you all know, this school doesn’t require you to join any club.
If you want to you can, but if you don’t then you’re free to go home after school.
Coo! (Okosan has time only for the track team!)
That’s good. What about you, Shirogane?
A foolish question. I already hold a position here.
Oh, that’s right. You became student president when you were admitted.
Nepotism, ho! Don’t we get to vote!?
Just coming to school is enough for me.
You have to take care of your mother on your own, and all…
Hmm, I wonder what I should do.

Well, everyone else may be ignoring it, but there’s definitely something wrong with Sakuya just being made the president with no vote. I think I should join the student council just to keep an eye on him.
That’s everyone, isn’t it?
Have fun!

Thankfully, the next day was our elective day, so I had a free period to do anything I wanted.

I hadn’t done anything last year, but I remember having a lot of fun in elementary school learning birdsongs. The teacher always said I had a good birdie accent, so maybe I should try getting back into singing.

Goon leveled up!
Charisma increased by 5!

The music stops.
The next week was the first meeting for the student council.

We skipped the vote, and I think it’s only Sakuya and me.
Anyway, he called a meeting, so to the council room I go!

Naturally. Do you think I would stand for anything less?
Hi, Sakuya. So, you had this done?
Hmph! This room used to be filthy. Better suited to rabbits than to us.

What a prig!

Have you decided which position you will take?
I get to choose?

Wow, rude much? Where does he get off calling me out like that?

Aren’t you Japanese too, Sakuya?
Do not mock me! I am French.

A French noblebird?
…That sounds delicious.
I guess I have to pick a post now.

If I’m going to try and keep him in check, I’m going to need to be as high up on the ladder as I can. Vice president it is, then.

You wish to be my right wing?

I think I just got bonded with.
…Gosh, he looks pretty happy right now.
And so, I became vice president of the student council.
There was nothing left for me after that, so I headed home.

The music stops.

Tomorrow is the class hike!
Should I prepare anything? We won’t be going far, so I don’t have to…
Well, health first! I think I’ll have some udon and go to sleep.