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Part 4: Episode 4: Sleep and Sports Chat

I’m kind of worried about Mr. Nanaki. He hasn’t fallen asleep yet, but with how often it happens in class, I can’t help but worry that it’ll happen while we’re on the trip. I’ll just make sure he’s doing okay.
Hmm…? What is it, Lourde? Break isn’t over yet!
Um… I wanted to talk to you, sir.
Your friends are all here. Why not talk with them?
Do you not want to talk to me?

You’re a
Goon: Wait! No! I haven’t said anything yet!

And so I took a nap with Mr. Nanaki.
I wonder if he has some sort of illness? I hope he’s okay…

The next couple of weeks passed by without any incident. But today is a special day.

I decided to continue my music lessons.

I wonder what those wigs felt like… they look like they’re wearing ptarmigans on their heads.
Do you seek to mock the great masters, low-born philistine!?

Hey, I take offense to… wait a minute, when did Sakuya join this class?
Goon leveled up!
Charisma increased by 5!

A couple weeks later, everybirdie was chirping excitedly about the upcoming school event.

The sports festival is right around the corner. Please think about what you’ll do!
Sports festival season already…?
If it were in the fall it would conflict with the cultural festival, so it’s always been in May.
What are you going to do, Ryouta?

You do have a lot of stamina, Okosan… what about you, Sakuya?
You can’t possibly be expecting me to run in some race, can you?
It is a sports festival. Is there an event that doesn’t involve running…?
How about being a cheerleader?

Umm… I don’t think that’s…

That’s all for today.

Ryouta’s doing the three-legged race, Okosan’s running the marathon, and Sakuya’s a cheerleader.
Yuuya might be running the first-aid tent…
What should I do? I’ll have to think about it.