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Hatoful Boyfriend

by ChorpSaway

Part 10: Episode 10: Azami to the Rescue!

I got my paycheck at the end of the week, and thought I’d take the chance to spend the night out on the town. Unfortunately…

On my own, of course! Riding the stormy waves of life alone is what we humans are all about.
Hey, human.

Suddenly, I’m surrounded by a bunch of unkempt pigeons.


Darn it, I… I can’t tell them apart!
I can pick Ryouta out of a crowd about eighty percent of the time, but rock doves I’ve just met all look the same!

Do you have some business with me? If not, go away!
Hey, that’s not nice.
Show us some cash, first.

They buff up their chests, threateningly.
I wasn’t about to give in, though. I took a defensive stance.

Dumb punks! Picking on girls in the park is a good way to get ostracized for life!
You little--

They’re angry now. My hunter-gatherer instincts can feel a fight coming.
Three pigeons on my own… Can I win this…?

The music stops.


The work of a moment.
A dim figure flits out of the shadows, and an instant later two of the doves are on the ground.
And the grand victor is--


What the f--! Who are you!?

The dove collapses before the might of Azami’s magnificent kick.
Even as unthreatening as that battle cry sounded, the way Azami said it even had me trembling.

S-sorry, Azami! I let my guard down!
Easy for a kid to do. Life lesson!

She’s so cool! I think I’m in love…!

Umm, Azami? I’m working at the café near here over the summer.
Could I treat you to something sometime, as thanks?

Azami takes the proferred flier, mounts her trusty scooter, and putts off into the darkness.