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Hatoful Boyfriend

by ChorpSaway

Part 100: Episode 92: A Clear Lead

That is what they called it. No doubt they were searching for a way to destroy humanity with that virus…
That was Operation Hatoful?
That’s why I… That’s why I burned it all, five years ago. There should have been nothing left, but--

And, I can feel him, close by… My--
…Mr. Kawara. Are you going to the basement?
I don’t have a choice. To find a way out of here alive, and to find out why they killed Goon… I need to ask the doctor.
…I see.
That encyclopedia. What else is inside?

I could’ve sworn I pulled out everything in the book, but I checked the contents again.

The music stops.

A piece of paper, folded up along with the files. This is--

A map of the medical center…?

Umm, that looks like the gym, so those stairs are…
I believe it is in the chemistry preparation room. The researchers often went in there.

The doctor is--beneath the preparation room.

Thank you, Nageki. I have to go.
Yes. I think you will be seeing me again. And--