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by ChorpSaway

Part 104: Episode 96: Promises, Wishes

They were trying to say something to the humans barricaded on the other side of the wall. But they received only bullets as a reply.

We could do nothing but stand outside and watch.
And then the stranger came. And spoke to us.
“Is there anything you desire? I will grant any wish for you. So tell me.”
I answered.
“I don’t want these things to happen anymore. My wish is for a world where humans and birds no longer fight. Even if I die, I want there to be peace.”
And Goon continued.
“I agree. I would do anything to make Ryouta’s wish come true.”
The stranger nodded.
“It might not be possible right now. But, one day, I will make it happen.”

That was the other thing you had forgotten. You have remembered, I see.

Eight years ago. A number of humans barricaded themselves in a building not far from where we lived.
Goon’s parents were shot by the other humans, and many birds and humans were killed in the ensuing gunfight.
And I met the doctor.

I asked… for a world in which birds and humans no longer fight.
You and Miss Lourde both said you would be glad to die to bring it about. And so I am carrying out your wish, just as you had stated it.
Even symbiotic relationships are not free from strife. In order to end the wars between humans and birds forever--

Why did you choose me, back then?
Choose you? Why did I ask you what your wish was, do you mean?
I assure you, it was not a coincidence. I am not so bored as to wander around granting wishes willy-nilly.

The preliminary test yesterday was a resounding success. We need only transfer the original lysosomes from Fujishiro Nageki to you, and everything will be in place.
I have granted your wish… Though, I did make you jump through a few hoops so you would remember your wish and understand my intentions.
It would be the least you could do to at least acknowledge all I have done for you. Hmm?

I don’t care about anything now. Goon is gone.
My wish has destroyed everything.
Nothing good has ever happened.
If this is what my life is to be like, I wish I had never been born.

…I don’t want to see anything anymore.
Do not be anxious. You have no will to resist, so soon you will forget it all.

The music stops.

An alarm begins to sound.

Talking will just make it worse, Higure…
Hmm… It seems to be leaking in quite slowly. I’m glad we have a little more time, but it is getting hard to breathe…
Wallenstein… You coward…! Come out and fi--
The sound of glass breaking is heard.

Hold on just a little longer! We’ll get you out of there!
I will try to open the cage, Oko! You see to that gas!
Coo, coo! (Okosan shall not fail!)

We were quick to act, and before long, Nanaki and Higure were safe again.
The alarm stops.

The Crimson Breast shall not forget this.
Are you too alone? Where did Kawara go?
Coo, coo? (Were you separated? Did Ryouta wander off and get lost?)
No, he didn’t, he got carried off by the doctor.
Carried off…!?
Coo, coooo! (Oh nooo! No doubt the doctor is making him drink nasty protein supplements as we speak!)

Why can you never speak in plain Japanese, miserable poltroon!?
He’s saying that the doctor is planning to turn Kawara into a biological weapon.
We can explain while we walk. Assuming I don’t run out of breath…
Very well. Let us proceed!

We all made our way deeper into the basement, in the hopes that we weren’t too late.
The music stops.

W-Who is this bird in front of us!? Could this truly be Kawara?

Coo! (Okosan has a bad feeling about this! Ryouta is not normal!)
Miserable medical man! What have you done to him!?
Why, if it isn’t the son of the noble Le Bel family. What is one of your prestige doing here? Hohoho.
Your pathetic jabs mean nothing to me. What have you done to Kawara!?
I have granted his wish. That is all.

…It is almost ten. The human forces are gathered above.

Kawara would wish for no such thing! He would never harm a human! Right, Kawara!?
It seems he is hesitant to agree with you. Hohoho.
He has been swallowed by the Demon Spores… Our voices will not reach him…!
It is time for us to go. He has but little time left in this world, and cannot afford to waste any of it.
He has but little time…? What does this mean!?

Of course, he will be shot at, as well. If he were to fall from his wounds, he would die before completing his task.
Cooooo! (Do not fear! Okosan will stop Ryouta here and now!)

Oko took a wild charge at Kawara, but he was violently thrown across the room before he could make contact.

There he goes…
…Mr. Kawara has traded his free will for normally impossible physical tenacity.
He’s been… brainwashed…?
We have to stop him and bring him back to his senses before he reached the surface! …But Oko is stronger than any of us, and he was sent flying just like that…
How can we stop him here…!?
…Kawara is very strong but lacks control right now, right?

Wha… Him!? He’s nuts!
Ha ha ha… Black Beandonna…!
There he goes again, spouting nonsense!

While I was yelling about Anghel, Ryouta had crossed the room and made it to me.

Oh, dear, there goes Shirogane…
The Demon Red Eye speaks…! Seal the disaster with the power of the Chosen One!
The music stops.

Anghel leaped at Ryouta and began to struggle with him. The most incredible thing about this stupid display was…

He’s reacting… How is that frail Luzon able to affect him!?
What is he doing!?
Hypnotizing him.

I was talking to the doctor about it earlier, too. I think it’s real.
Mental restraints? …Like how a desperate man can be stronger than usual.
The Demon Red Eye heralds the Awakening! By the power of the Blood-Stained Hand, I seal the Funeral Song…!
Cooooo! (Okosan attack! Okosan cannot possibly lose in a fight with Ryouta!)
There we go, perfect!
We’re supposed to convince Ryouta to stop while ourselves being drawn into some bizarre fantasy? This is madness!
Don’t think about the consequences, Shirogane! Just go along with it!

Textoris Melodia Funus! Now is time to break Wallenstein’s spell! Hear the call of the Red Lotus!

Coo! (A violent Ryouta is not a good Ryouta! Come to your senses!)

We’re all trying our best for you, Kawara! Come back to us!

Do you not care!? Do you plan to destroy all we’ve gained!?
Stop, Kawara! This is not the path you must travel!

I’m the only berserker-class character this story needs! Wake up already, Ryouta!