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by ChorpSaway

Part 106: Episode 98: Evacuation, Trapped

One might say that his influence over me grew after death. Both for good and for ill.

Kawara Ryuuji… All I can recall of him is his voice and the color of his wings.
He rarely returned home, always leaving mother and me alone.

You did this… to carry out my father’s will…?
You misunderstand. This was not just a parting kindness between colleagues.
I doubt that there is anyone in this world with a stronger sense of duty than mine.
This was his final challenge to me. And you see the result.

Are you dissatisfied with something?
A world without strife, where no one will have a loved one stolen from them… That is the world I wish for.
I never asked for a world where the human race is killed.
A pity that you did not say so eight years ago.
What absurd contract was this?
There is no power in prayer. I should never have met you.
Doctor… My wish ends today.
Father is no longer in this world… There is no reason for you to chase after his final will anymore.
Hahahahahahaha! Does this mean… you are sympathizing with me!?
…Oh, how I have fallen. I can feel his pitying gaze even now.

It is not over yet… We must open the Gate to Tartarus, in the depths of the Abyss!
We only have about ten minutes until the humans come in from above…
I see you are still alive, gentlemen.
The music stops.

Mr. Leone!

Mr. Leone entered the lab, but he wasn’t alone.

Student A: Woah, it’s like something out of a science fiction movie!
Student B: I bet it was built by MIBs!
Student A: Raaaaad!
Well, I guess nobirdie’s panicking, anyway…
Mr. Shirogane. I will recover Sakazaki’s body before I leave, have no fear.
…I am grateful to you.
The exit is no doubt activated by the vital signals of the researchers who work here.

Coo, coo! (The doctor is even creepier when he’s being cooperative!)
I do not base my actions on foolish pride or emotion. I carried out an experiment, and I have now obtained the result. I have nothing more to gain or lose here.

Over the next few minutes, we all worked towards herding the other students out of the room and into safety.

Shall we go, Kawara? Can you stand?
Ah… yeah. But…
…We need to bring Lourde with us.
I think everyone else has gone outside…
Doctor, I shall not forget what has taken place here. Once we are outside, I shall see that you face judgment.

I will indeed. Remember my face, villain.
Well, who knows…? I find you uninteresting, so I may well forget.
…I must think carefully about my plans once I am outside. I still have much research to--
The music stops.


A gunshot echoes through the room. The doctor collapses.

Madness! There should still be time before the humans--

I quickly scanned the room for who could’ve shot the doctor, and my eyes fell on--

Mister… Nanaki…?

He wobbles over to the doctor, with the same unsteady, careless gait as always.
Another gunshot rang through the air.

…Agh! Gah…
This is the end of your research.

Nanaki, what--
Stop! The doctor should have a fair trial once we…
A fair trial… Hmm. What do you think, Doctor?
…Aah… Well…
I am impressed… at your acuity in attacking my uninjured left side…
But of course. Thank you.
Tell me, Dr. Iwa… No, Isa. I need to bring him back with me. That’s why I’ve done all this.

Nanaki points his gun at the immobilized doctor. He looks quite prepared to shoot the partridge dead at any moment.

…Oh, is that it? Hoho. I had quite forgotten.
Mr. Fujishiro’s brother… He was a quail…