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Part 107: Episode 99: Kazuaki

…I’m fine. I would just get tired.
Isn’t talking to me a waste of time, Hitori?
You’ve been busy recently, have you not? I know we’re short on money.
That’s not something you need to worry about. We adults are working hard to make sure you don’t have to worry.
You’re a child too, Hitori. You’re only five years older than me, after all.
You don’t think I should be working?
No, that’s… not what I meant.

It’s not about whether you’re doing anything or not. You’re part of the family, and we need you.
That doesn’t help. With my body like this, I can’t work… or go to school. That’s just how it is.
You’re thinking too hard, Nageki…
Let’s go pick some millet from the yard. It’s almost dinner time.
A full stomach scares the bad things away. Right?

Hatoful House. Where the rest of the war orphans and I live together.
I was always a little better at studying than the others, so I teach at the local school to help make ends meet.
Going to work, and coming home. Every Friday, we all gather together and have supper.
There are children who go to school. There are those who work, like me. And children like Nageki, who stay home--Our family is a patchwork of ages and lives, but we always eat together on this day.
What should we have? We might have enough left over, or we could pool our money and buy something.
I had more work than usual last month, so I got paid a little more than usual. I’ll get something nice. I’ll head home and see what everyone wants, first…

Our home was surrounded by security vehicles.
“It’s an attack by the Human Liberation Front. We can’t let anybirdie in.”
“We sent two human negotiators, but they were shot. We’re going to storm the place.”
“Get back! It’s dangerous!”
“Hey, you! Are you listening!?”
I remember angry shouts coming from every direction. But I couldn’t tell what they were saying.
The only things I could focus on were the gunshots from inside.
Today was supposed to be our day. No one has ever been missing on a Friday before. No one can disappear today. We have to be together today.
No matter what—

…Everyone. Everyone is covered in blood, immobile. The humans, the security forces, and my family.
What did we do? We had nothing. Our parents and our homes had already been stolen by the humans. All we had left were each other.
Why do they have to keep stealing from us? Why?
“…You were… outside… Good.”
“Nageki! You’re alive…!”
“…Everyone… else…?”
“…I see…”
Nageki was hiding in the innermost room.
He must have heard everything, from inside his hiding place.
Human corpses are scattered throughout the room.
“Nageki… Were you afraid? I’m sorry…”
“It wasn’t your fault, Hitori…”
“I wasn’t here when you needed me…!”
“Don’t apologize, Hitori… I don’t know how I could live if you were gone, too…”
When I found him then, I didn’t notice, but…
None of the human corpses in that room had been shot.

It’s a little… lonely…
Hitori… What should I do? Isn’t there anything I can do to help…?
You just have to be happy and well. Don’t push yourself. We’ll find something for you to do, okay?

He was never very healthy to begin with, but he was getting worse and worse.
What would start out as a slight cold would turn into a high fever, and go on for days.
It was painful to watch. Was it really just his weak body? I couldn’t do anything.

I’m… fine. I’m fine.
Nageki, wait--
You still have a fever! Don’t worry about the dishes. I’ll take care of them.
…I told you, I’m… fine…
Don’t… If you just say how you feel outright, I’ll feel better too, Nageki. Okay?

What do you…?
Whenever you say you’re fine, you never are.
Go to bed for now, okay? Tomorrow I’m taking you to a doctor.

“Impairs his immune system…?”
“All living creatures inherit defense systems against viruses and the like from their parents, and we call them the immune system. But Nageki’s is abnormally weak.”
“And that’s why he gets sick easily?”
“Indeed. He can become infected with diseases that bodies such as yours or mine would fight off easily. It is probably best if he avoids going outside, as that could bring him into contact with more dangerous viruses. He could become seriously ill with little or no warning.”
“Please, can you cure him? I will find whatever money it takes. He’s the only family I have left!”
“I understand how you feel, but as I said, his condition is hereditary. I have never seen anything like it. I’m sorry, but… I can’t help him.”

I… don’t want to go. I want to stay with you, Hitori.
But you’ll be able to go to school! I can only teach you what I know, and there’s a lot that I don’t know.
And you’ll be able to make friends! The doctors there will help you with your illness, so you won’t have to be sick.
…Do you not want me here, Hitori?
Of course I do! But I’m worried. If you were to get really sick, I wouldn’t be able to do anything…
I think it would be better for you to stay with the doctors. I’ll be lonely by myself… but I can wait until you’re better.


Nageki hadn’t told me he was “fine” since he promised not to three years ago. What are they doing to him? Are they doing something bad to him?
I tried calling Dr. Isa, but he always replied with “Progress is good, and everything is fine.” If everything is fine, why won’t they let me talk to him?

He said he was undergoing intensive care in the basement. That must be where he is. How do I get there? I need to find the entrance to the basement.

I could hear urgent footsteps and the sound of wings. This building has all the most advanced equipment. They must have noticed me.
But I was greeted at the corner not by guards, but by panicked researchers. All shouting the same thing, all heading for the exit.
“Fire! Fire!”
“A fire! Subject 00 set a fire! Call the fire department!”
Black smoke rolls towards me from the inner corridors. Nageki--Where is Nageki!?
“Nageki! Say something, please! Where are you!?”

The smoke is clogging my lungs with its foul stench. But I run onwards anyway.
Nageki is there, in a room filled with fire.

“What happened!? What did they do to you!? Come on, we have to get out of here!”
“…I’m sorry.”
His face is clouded. He shuts the door, and I hear the lock click shut.
“…!? Open the door, Nageki!”
“Hitori… I can’t go outside anymore. I can’t live anymore.”
“What did they do to you? I’m a fool! All this time I thought you were getting better, thought you’d come home cured…! I should be the one apologizing. Nageki, please! Come home with me, to our home!”
“Listen, Hitori… I recorded everything that happened here, and hid it in the library. It’s wrong. This is the only way… to stop them…”
“What are you talking about!? We can talk later! I can’t let you die!”
“Can you do me a favor, Hitori?”
“Anything! Please--”