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Part 11: Episode 11: The Fiesta and the Siesta

As I thought about my options, Mr. Nanaki drifted through my mind.
Even though he tried to hide it, I could tell Mr. Nanaki was really sad the last time he was here. Maybe he just needs to get out more and enjoy himself. I’ve heard being a teacher can be a very busy job.
…I think I’ll bring him along for the festival. He’d probably appreciate that!

I realized very quickly that I had no idea where Mr. Nanaki would be at this time of night. Hopefully he's still out and about.
I decided to start my search at the park, and thankfully, he was there, alone.

Umm… sir! Today’s the summer festival! Want to go together?
The two of us? I wouldn’t mind, but wouldn’t it be more fun with someone your own age?
I think it will be plenty of fun with you, sir! Let’s go!

I almost had to drag him there, but eventually we reached the festival, which was already well underway.

A-are you okay, sir…?
I’m fine, don’t worry. I’m just not very used to crowds.

Aah, fireworks! How nice…
Have you studied redox color reactions, Lourde?
Oh, yes! In middle school. Copper turns green, and sodium turns red, and that sort of thing…
No, no! Sodium turns yellow, right?
Oh, that’s right. Teehee, silly me.
Anyway, that’s how fireworks work. Mmm, so beautiful…

We spent a couple moments in silence as I tried to figure out what to say to him. This is a pretty romantic scene, so I tried to say something that suited the mood.

…Y-your eyes are even more beautiful, sir.

He fell asleep!?
He held up pretty well, but I guess he gets even sleepier than usual as soon as the sun goes down…
…And besides, I think the girl is supposed to get told she’s prettier than the night, not the man. Oopsie!
Either way, Mr. Nanaki seemed to be sleeping peacefully, so he was probably happy to have come.

The next few days after the festival were pretty uneventful. I was still enjoying my job, and it even seemed like Rabu had started to warm up to me.

See y’all around, Kenzaburou.
Hey, Goon.

Rabu, finally heading home after staying in the café for much of the day, gestures to me on his way out the door.

Here, this is your tip.

The magical candy from the pocket of an old lady from Osaka!
So young men from Osaka can do it, too!
This refers to an Osaka tradition of women, starting from high school, all carrying special candy bags, known as ame-chan-bukuro. Candy is given out as a small gift, both to friends and strangers.

See y’all around!
Good day to you, Rabu.

Before I knew it, the entire day had passed.

Would you care for something, Goon? It won’t be as good after sitting overnight.
Is there any tonjiru left?
Of course.
Here you are.

Mmmmm! Tonjiru from a fancy cup is the best! Mmmmm!
…but the way, Mr. Urushihara?
Mr. Rabu comes here every day, right?
He does, yes.
I wonder what he does… is he a night security guard, or something?
A chauffeur, apparently. He is generally out all night.
He likes to come here to relax before work.
A budgerigar who works at night!?
There are those among us parrots who prefer the night. The moon is wonderfully calming, on clear nights.

And here I took him for the type to go wild behind the wheel!
Hmm, haven’t I met another careful driver recently…?