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Hatoful Boyfriend

by ChorpSaway

Part 110: Episode 102: True Ending

Bad Boys Love is unlocked by getting the endings for Sakuya, Yuuya, Ryouta, Nageki and Kazuaki.
However, this epilogue scene only appears if you have gotten all of the endings prior to doing Bad Boys Love, including the bad end.
It also takes part an undetermined amount of time after the ending.


You scum! You villain! Explain yourself! Why are you still alive!?
Why? Well, for starters, I could never bring myself to leave all the ladies sad and alone.
How much must you mock me before you will be satisfied!?
Hello, again.

But he said he was going to go recover your body…!
I do not recall saying I was going to recover his corpse.
Lunacy! Madness! Inconceivable!
Give it back! Give me back the time and energy I spent mourning you!
You mourned me? I’m flattered.
We can’t stay long, Sakazaki Yuuya. It’s time to set out on our next Bright and Massive Mission. This is your chance to regain the department’s trust.

Coo, coo! (Okosan smells food! There is deliciousness nearby!)

Coo, coo!? (Anghel! Do you have food!?)
Ah! What did I…? Gah! The Demon Spores encroach again…!?
Coooooo! (Stick ‘em up! Okosan demands your beans or your life!)

…They’re still going at it?

! Why are you, of all people, pushing Iwamine’s wheelchair…!?
I would never have expected to see you two together.
Taking responsibilities for injuries dealt to another party by tending to them seems to be a natural enough reaction to me.
I need to apologize somehow, don’t I?
…If you change your mind and decide it’s time to exact revenge again, I never met either of you, understand?

Hohoho, how wonderful. I can feel the suspense in the air!
Somehow I feel like attempting to apply ethical guidelines to either of you is completely futile.
Anyway, I needed to talk to you. I have the results from the experiment the other day.
There were no problems?
None at all. It was a perfect success.

I have the date. If you can come, please do.
The music stops.

Mr. Kawara, Miss Lourde. Can you hear me?
Morning is almost here.

I heard a familiar voice, one I never thought I would hear again. At the same time, I could hear the door opening slowly, and light began to pour from the opening.