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by ChorpSaway

Part 111: Archives #9: Notes No. 6, No. 13 and No. 15, Gallery

And so, the adventure is finally over. No more fakeout endings, no more additional stories. The saga of Hatoful Boyfriend has ended.
That doesn’t mean we haven’t unlocked new things with this ending, however!

Our gallery is completely full now! Outside of the CGs we’ve seen during the course of the game, we have some character CGs for some characters we only sort of know properly.

Uzune Hitori, the true identity of Nanaki Kazuaki.

Isa Souma, the true identity of Shuu Iwamine.

Kawara Ryuuji, the father of Kawara Ryouta and the companion of Isa Souma.

In the archive, we have all of the files as well. Let’s take a look at the one we had been missing earlier.

File No. 6

File No. 13

File No. 15

You may also noticed that a couple of new items have appeared on the shelf along with those books.
If we click on the cylinder there…

We get a random fortune like the ones at the New Year’s Festival!
If the thread so desires, I can try to get all of them and put them into a single post, but I just got the one this time to show off the feature.

And if we click on the picture frame there, we see something I’m sure all of you were wondering about.

That’s right, we get to see the day of the festival where Goon is on duty!
One thing to note is that this scene uses the MC’s canonical name, Hiyoko Tosaka, since we didn’t get the chance to enter in a name.
But that’s enough from me, let’s see what happens!

It looks great on you, Hiyoko!
You think so? Somehow I feel like these outfits suit you better than they suit me…
No, really, it’s cute!
Thank you! You have today off, right?
Yeah. I was thinking I’d go take a look around the festival.

Give me a call if things get busy, okay? We can come back and help out.
Okay! Have fun, you two!

As soon as they had left, a shrill sound pierced the calm atmosphere of the café.

What mockery is this!?
What’s wrong, Sakuya?

Because it’s a maid café! If there weren’t any maids, it would just be a normal café.
But I drew the winning straw! I am supposed to be the manager, not a maid!
That’s true, but one of the others is sick, so we’re short on maidpower. You’re the only other person on duty today…
Why must I be reduced to the role of a mere understudy!? Their illness is no one’s fault but their own!
There are others here with no duties, are there not!? Why not have Nanaki do it instead?
Because he’s already helping out!
Good morning, Tosaka!

Waaaaaah! He’s so cuuute! I always thought quails looked good in frilly clothes…!
Umm… Thank you. This is a little embarrassing, Tosaka…
A grown man, dressing in girl’s clothes of his own accord… What… what is this country…!?

Sakuya’s outcries were quickly silenced as a new customer entered the café.

Salutations! Is the lovely maidmoiselle here?
Yuuya! …Wait, no, I mean, welcome back, master! ~☆

Yuuya was quickly distracted by the sight of his brother in uniform.

Scum! Wipe that smirk off your uncomely features! Out with it, if you have something to say!
Well, not exactly… How can I… My, what an aggressive girl this one is. Just my… ty… pffff!
How blatantly you struggle to subdue your laughter, master! ~☆

Do you mean to ridicule me, dirty mongrel!? I shall take this to court! I will ruin you!
That’s no good, Sakuya! Maids aren’t supposed to go around ruining people! Here, go get a menu and take his order.
Your master is waiting for you!

And that’s it! That’s all the content packed within this little game. Thank you to everybirdie who has read along, commented, contributed content, or participated in some way within the thread! This has been a wonderful experience and so much of it is because of you all. I wanted to show you all why this game gets the attention it does, since I know there are plenty of you who would have never seen the game otherwise. I’m really happy to have gotten the chance to share this game and its story with you, since I think that there’s a lot more to the game than any simple description could give you. Thank you for joining me on this wild ride of bird dates, murder mysteries and incredible drama!