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Part 113: Bonus Update: Super Secret Azami Option (Totally Real) (Ending No. 13)

Bonus Update: Super Secret Azami Option (Totally Real)

As I thought about who might want to go, my mind kept returning to Azami.
Even though I offered to get her some free snacks at the café, maybe it would be better to take Azami to the festival with me to show her my appreciation. She seems like she could get pretty wild at a party!

I wasn’t sure where I was going to find her, so I just headed to the park near the festival and hoped she would show up.
Eventually, I heard the sound of a scooter coming towards me. I called out to her, hoping Azami would be able to hear me over the hum of her motor.

Azami! Azami!

Yo, kid! What’s up?
Today’s the summer festival! Weren’t you going to go?
…I don’t have anyone to go with. Plus, I’m on patrol right now. I have to make sure my turf is safe from any no-good punks.
Can’t you take a small break? Why don’t you just go with me? It’ll be my way of saying thank you for saving me the other night.
Fine. I suppose even I could use some leisure time. Let’s check out the festival.

Alright! I was able to convince her!

We arrived a little late, so the festival was already full of excitement.

Wow, it’s been so long since I’ve been to a festival. It’s so big.
Isn’t it great? There’s so much to do here, so let’s get started!

We ended up walking through the games booths, and even stopped by a few of them to test our luck.
Azami did pretty well with the cork shooting booth, but when we got to the scooping games, she was all thumbs.

Azami, you have to use some grace! These games are all about patience and delicacy.
Carve it into your soul, kid! When you start something, you always follow through with passion!
But… you’ve already dropped so much yen into this booth…

Eventually she was able to scoop up a water balloon yoyo without breaking her net. She looked so pleased with herself! It was nice to see her put on a kinder expression for once.

As we walked away from the booth, the fireworks started to hit the sky. We quickly grabbed some soba from a food booth and sat down to enjoy the display.

We spent most of the fireworks show in silence. I kept trying to think of something to say, but nothing came to mind.

Hey. Kid.
I haven’t done anything like this in a long time. I… I’ve been so caught up in some mistakes I had made in the past that I had blinded myself to a lot of the small things in life that make me really happy.
So, thank you… Goon. I haven’t been this happy in months.
W-well… I’m glad that I could help you out like that. It’s always good to have some time just to enjoy yourself.

The last firework faded out, and many of the other festival-goers started to head back into the stands.

Hey, it’s getting late. Do you need a ride home?
Huh? Oh, that’s be nice, Azami, thanks!

We headed back to where Azami had parked her scooter in the park.

You wanna take this for a spin?
B-but, I don’t even have a license!
I’m not saying you take full control, but maybe you could steer from behind me while I take care of the pedals.
I trust you, Goon. And if anything goes wrong, I’ll take over the controls. You’re in good hands.
Well… if you’re sure, I’d like to give it a try.

We may have been going the speed limit, but as I steered towards home and felt the wind in my hair, it felt like I was tearing up the road. I hadn’t felt anything as exhilarating as this.

At the end of the summer, I had saved up enough money to buy my own motor scooter. Azami said that if I got my own scooter, she would teach me how to drive it.
After that first “drive”, I knew that this was an experience that I couldn’t miss out on.

Are you ready?
Yes, ma’am!
Helmet on?
Yes, ma’am!
Then let’s get started! We’ll be driving all the way to St. Pigeonation’s today, so get buckled up for a long ride!

And so we rode off, unsure of where this trip would ultimately lead us, but just happy to be riding together, in the moment.