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Part 114: Bonus Update: The Bad Ending (Ending No. 0)

Bonus Update: The Bad Ending

The bad ending is an extra scene that appears immediately after summer break. If you have not sufficiently raised anybirdie’s affection stat high enough, this happens.

???: As you can see, while she was meant to act as a goodwill ambassador, she… fails to display sufficient intimacy with the birds.
???: We of the Hawk Party cannot overlook this situation. These reports only confirm what we already knew of human nature.
???: We will execute the termination sequence. Adjourned. Coffee, anyone?

I think I just heard someth--
Before I could turn around, someone had landed on me and pushed me to the ground. I couldn’t see anything anymore.

???: You don’t need to know. It’ll all be over in two seconds.
Eeek! Aah… ah…

And so we are treated to the bad end screen. If only we had thought to use our halberd, but alas, we were ambushed, giving us no time to prepare for battle.