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Part 115: Flights Across Forums: A Christmas Tale

Hey everybirdie!

On December 11, 2013, LP moderator Slowbeef gave my thread the dubious honor of being one of two Let’s Play threads selected to participate in the Something Awful Secret Santa Thread Exchange. This means that this thread was temporarily moved to another subforum; in this case, the Hatoful Boyfriend Let’s Play was moved to The Dorkroom, which is the photography subforum on Something Awful.
Slowbeef left a short message for the Dorkroom posters:

Slowbeef posted:

Merry Christmas, Dorkroom! Please post fan-photos of your favorite pigeons in love, or whatever else you'd like.

The Mgmt
And with that, the thread was off on a journey away from its home, forced into unfamiliar territory.
The first few posts were decidedly confused about my thread being there, with mod of The Dorkroom SoundMonkey having this to say:

SoundMonkey posted:

You son of a bitch.

(It's the Secret Santa Thread Exchange)
Overall, I think that’s about as well-received as this thread could possibly get from another subforum.

After some less-than-inspiring low effort shitposts (in some cases literally), the thread moved forward and posters began to share some bird pictures.

404notfound posted:

dote up a duck

_DSC2803-Edit by khyrre, on Flickr

Angela Christine posted:

I'll do my bestest.

This birdie has a berry. Maybe he's in love with the berry. Maybe he's collecting berries to give to his one true love? No one knows.

Chekans 3 16 posted:

LAZoo4 by Photografaffer, on Flickr

This bird only wants a hug, will you be the one to give him that hug?

ZippySLC posted:

Young Barn Swallows by benruset, on Flickr

Mallard 1 by benruset, on Flickr

Mallard 2 by benruset, on Flickr

Office Assistant posted:

Shazaminator posted:

Eagles are like pigeons, right? Except more patriotic.

Eagle in perch by BradleyMP, on Flickr

DJExile posted:

I saw an eagle today

Untitled by PhotoBen27, on Flickr

I also saw some small birds

Untitled by PhotoBen27, on Flickr

Untitled by PhotoBen27, on Flickr

and an angry bird

Untitled by PhotoBen27, on Flickr

William T. Hornaday posted:

Here are some birdes.

Hummingbird by William T Hornaday, on Flickr

White-Cheeked Turaco by William T Hornaday, on Flickr

Burrowing Owl by William T Hornaday, on Flickr

Saddlebill Stork by William T Hornaday, on Flickr

Vulturine Guineafowl by William T Hornaday, on Flickr

konsum posted:

I think this is the only LP I've ever really read. And it'll probably be the last. I mean, where do I go from here?! Peak has been reached.
Also, have a bird.

While these birds were all lonely, hoping to find a suitable mate, there were also pictures of birds in love.

HookShot posted:

Puffins by hookshot88, on Flickr

Awwww lookit dat puffin love

Puffins by hookshot88, on Flickr

silentbrains posted:

Mister Poop Feet's love for a bag of food

Mister Poop Feet's NSFW love for a doggy chew toy

These bird pictures were really cute and it was nice to see love in nature. There doesn’t seem to be anything more pure than the love shown by a bird.
…Or apparently not, according to Mr. Despair.

Mr. Despair posted:

Bird love, the real story.

I'm pretty sure that dove spent weeks trying to rape have a loving relationship with the other doves.
I like to think that Hatoful Boyfriend’s society of hyper-intelligent and slightly enlarged birds has a more human-like concept of romance, though, especially given that they have adopted things like Valentine’s Day into their culture.
Moon Potato showed us another side of bird love though, sharing the story of Michiko and Haruki, two real live birds in love that he is editing a documentary about. They seem like an amazing couple and I wish them the best of luck!

Moon Potato posted:

This game is the best kind of crazy. I don't know how I've missed out on it until now.

Michiko, I brought you a vole. Your favorite!

You know I can't love a bird who just hands me food on the ground.

Oh, Haruki~



Moon Potato posted:

It's not fanfiction, it's fan-fact! That's an actual breeding pair of White-tailed Kites that I'm editing a documentary about now. They raised two beautiful children this year.

Later, SoundMonkey helpfully pointed out the bird photography thread, and specifically directed the thread to page 51, where a large number of pictures of birds pooping were taken. They were pretty amazing, seeing nature in action, and user InternetJunky helped out by providing some sweet gifs of animals in the act.

InternetJunky posted:

Am I playing this correctly?

InternetJunky posted:

I seem to be making a disturbing number of these. Have to give the people what they want though.

Some of the bird pictures were big enough and of high enough quality that I was even able to make some fan characters for Hatoful Boyfriend!

I was also able to find enough headshots to make this yearbook page!

After a day or so, it seemed like The Dorkroom warmed up to my presence, or at least decided to ignore the thread. Some really nice bird photos were shared, and some of the posters there seem to have gotten interested in following the LP, which was more than I could have asked for. The guys in The Dorkroom seem pretty neat, and they can do incredible things with a camera. While I may dabble in the arts, photography is one of those things I never really had the eye for, so to see the kinds of shots these guys can take is really something.
Overall, I was pretty pleased with the turnout. Good pictures were shared and a fun time was had by all. Thank you Slowbeef, and thank you The Dorkroom, for this experience. And a special thank you for the new thread tag, SoundMonkey! I do in fact have the most K-Rock thread in the LP subforum.