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Part 12: Episode 12: The One with the Fava Bean (Ending No. 12)

Two weeks passed with very little trouble, which means…

I guess my summer job is over… I’ll miss this place.

Thank you for everything, Miss Goon. It’s been a pleasure.
Likewise! Thank you for everything, Mr. Urushihara!
I think I’ll be back here sometime as a customer.
Y’all retiring early?
Miss Goon is a student, and so must return to her studies with the turning of the leaves.
I haven’t even finished half of my summer homework! \(^o^)/
Doing the last half in one week? I reckon you’ll do just fine.

Least Kenzaburou ain’t going anywhere.
Naturally not.

Rabu sips from his cup.
I think after working here for a month I can safely say that he accounts for the majority of the café’s business.
Everybirdie who comes here probably thinks of this as an oasis in the city--an island of soothing parakeet in the sea of urban life.
It’s kind of a pity that so few people come in…

As I was thinking this, the bell on the door rang, signaling a new guest.

Oh! Welcome!
Azami! You came!

When did I become your protégé?? Okay then.

Yay! Have a seat, please!
A… Azami, is that you…!?

Her expression suddenly hardens. It feels like the café is about to burst!
It feels like one of those scenes when the retired cop finally faces down the mob boss, just before the bullets start flying!

D-do you know each other…?
You might say that…

Azami, I…!
How do you think I felt these past six months!?

She looks ready to fly at him any moment.

U-umm, Azami!
I don’t know what ‘s happened between you two, but Mr. Rabu is a nice man now! He drives cars and gives out candy!
Please, forgive him!
Stay out of this, kid. It doesn’t concern you.
Wh-what happened, Mr. Rabu? I’ve never seen her this mad…
Since when are you calling yourself “Rabu”?

I remember your sexy, rapturous eyes back then!
He used to be a living legend, kid. The leader of the toughest bikers around.
Back then… There wasn’t a bird on the night roads who didn’t know the name of Hosokawa Blaster.

I was young then.
Every one of us Hell’s Birdies would have followed you to the ends of the earth!
And we all knew we would have gotten there without a single traffic violation!
S-since when do biker gangs obey traffic laws!?
You don’t get it, kid. You’re still a rookie.

You were pretty famous for your strong ideals.
Riding with the Soul, as wild as any other gang but never breaking the law… You were my hero!
But a hero doesn’t run away. And you did. As soon as I confessed to you, you were gone…

Done with the gang tales, on to the love story.

Azami… I can tell, I’ve hurt you. I’m sorry.

Tension crackles in the air. Only Mr. Urushihara remains exactly as he was when it all started, slowly polishing glasses behind the counter.
So Mr. Rabu used to lead a biker gang, and his real (fake?) name is Hosokawa Blaster… This entire situation seems extremely out of place here.
Wait… haven’t I seen the name “Blaster” somewhere before…?

It’s a little late for that!
Six months of tea and cake and you look like mister fava bean!
M-mister fava bean!?

This… It fits so well…!
I don’t like fat men! All my love for you burned up long ago.

Azami subjects mister fava bean to a harrowing tirade over his new physique.
At this rate mister fava bean won’t be able to get a word in edgewise…
Has she really stopped loving mister fava bean?

That’s right! I remember now!
I gotta get this in quick though, before things get ugly!

Azami, I don’t think you’ve forgotten mister fava bean!
What’s all this, Goon?
I think you think about him all the time even now!
What are you talking about, kid?
I know it!

The music stops.

I saw it when we first met.
Writing his name right on her vehicle like that… She loves him, I’m sure of it!

You still like mister fava bean, right, Azami?
Uuh, Goon… My name isn’t--
I saw it with my own two eyes! When you gave me a ride home, and a lecture on traffic laws!
Y-you’re pretty sharp, for a human, kid…!
…She’s right, I haven’t forgotten you.

Azami, I--
Trying to sympathize with me? No, thanks. I’ve had enough of that.
You threw me away. And there’s nothing that can change that.
No, Azami! Listen to me!
I never threw you away! I…

I was an outcast. I was a hero on the midnight roads, but would I be a good father?
Think about it! Any guy will panic a little when the girl he likes confesses like that!

Yes, but… is the hero of the midnight riders really supposed to be that timid?
I guess even the toughest guys have a soft spot to them.

I sat down, and I thought. I had to go straight. I couldn’t have made you happy like that!
I’m sorry I left you behind.

Maybe this is destiny. Like Billiken said… Our souls are being tested even now.
Hosokawa Blaster… Your eyes look like they did back then.
Azami! Enough girl-talk!

Wait, what’s going on here?

Wait, no! No! It’s not over yet! Stop the credits!

This is supposed to be the story of my romance, not theirs!
Who did that? Who started the ending scene there!?

…I looked around to see if anyone heard me yelling, but the only person left in the café was Mr. Urushihara, who looked the same as ever.

…That was kind of amazing, Mr. Urushihara.

I wonder if my life is richer now?
No doubt it is.
Well, then. A few more hours until we close, Miss Goon.
Yes, sir!

Those who want to see others.

Those who want to be seen.
This again!?

The soothing Mecca for all such people--

Torimi Café – Poko’s Forest
When did this become an advertisement?

Tea next to chattering birds!
Curry rice to die for!

Are we getting paid for this? Did you guys get permission for this? Is this even legal?

Right in the middle of Kobe, just a little ways from Osaka!
And if you still haven’t had your fill of avian company, the zoo is just around the corner!
The excellent, fantastic Torimi Café.
The birds are waiting here for you!

I shall be waiting here in my birdcage for you.
Mr. Urushihara, you’re in on this too!?

I said, the game isn’t over yet!