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Hatoful Boyfriend

by ChorpSaway

Part 125: Fanart

If you’re viewing this from the archives, this may contain spoilers! This is your warning!


mikeycp shows us what kinds of treats they sell at the real Torimi Café!

Goon Lourde herself shows how much she loves the thread after it got rated gold!

Archenteron and Opposing Farce come up with some Hatoful alternatives to , and ChorpSaway delivers!

Dyslexiactic shows us all how love can transcend so many boundaries with this beautiful display!


Jenner depicts the first nasty surprise of Bad Boys Love with just a little bit of !

MightyPretenders posted:

Ryouta and Sakuya, the two birds who recognized the insanity inherent in their lives. But even together, can they endure it when the insanity ramps up to a peak, and becomes deadly serious?

Hurtful Boyfriend - BBL
In theaters now!
ChorpSaway draws a poster to go along with the buddy-cop plot that MightyPretenders made!