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Part 126: Episode 1: The Fairy's In A Pinch! Eh, I'm A Popocure!?

All right, this isn't a proper translation, my Japanese isn't the best, so I'm just abridging stuff, and may have gotten some details wrong.

But here is... HATOCATCH POPOCURE episode one!

Nagekissu and Anghelun are fighting the big baddies in the magical world.

Things aren't going their way, and Nagekissu sacrifices himself to let Anghelun cross dimensions to the Earth to find the legendary knight Popocure.

-- cue opening song --

Ryouta wakes up in his room in the morning and begins his self introduction. A regular rock dove, attending school etc.
Suddenly, interrupted by a bird crashing through the window!

Ryouta begins calling for his mother, to save the blood-stained pigeon, but Anghelun interrupts him, explaining that it's simply a feature of his plumage.
Anghelun proceeds to explain his plight and how Ryouta must come with him to become the legendary knight Popcure.
"Crashing through my window and proceed to abduct me. Couldn't you wait with the abduction until I'm on the way to school?"

Ryouta brings the poor, confused bird to a police officer so they can take care of him.
After some rather condescending questions to Anghelun, which he doesn't respond well to, a sudden sound breaks the situation.

In the distance, they can see St. Pigeonation Acamedy being ravaged by a fire!

Arriving at the scene... it's a monster!
A giant White Pelican. Which, for some reason, is called a "pink pelican" in Japanese. The more you know!

But anyway, this giant pelican nabs Mr. Nanaki. And poor Ryouta can do nothing to help.

Then also appears, the evil henchman controlling the evil pelican monster.
"Oh, but making a mess of things is in fact my job. Now, evil pelican. Swallow it. Swallow is all!"

And the evil pelican proceeds to swallow the evil henchman. This finally breaks Ryouta, bringing him to a panicked run.

Enter Anghelun! (Again.)
"Fear not, oh Chosen Wing. Within you sleeps the power to fight this wicked evil!"
"I can't listen to your ramblings here. Please pay attention to your surroundings!"
"Believe in my word! And then wish! For the power to protect what you love in this place!!"

After some further inspirational speech, Ryouta realizes his love for the city and academy. He wants to protect it all!

"A lone flower standing in the asphalt. Cure Grey!"
Indeed, it is as the legend says.

Cure Grey takes back the fight.

"POPOCURE! OPEN MY HATO!" [Note: Hato means pigeon.]

Victory is in their hands.

But, apparently there's more of them. And Anghelun and Cure Grey are overwhelmed by numbers.

-- cue credits --

Winning, perhaps.
More characters.

Another Popocure??


... beep ... beep ...

"Phew, it was just a dream."

"Go now, oh Chosen Wing! War is pressing on!!"
"No pleeeaseeee!!!"

Not to be continued