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Part 13: Episode 13: The Beginning of the Second Term

With nothing else to do for the last week of vacation, I was able to finish all of my homework. Things were looking good for my back-to-school prep, until…

I slept way too late! School starts today, right? I’m gonna be late!

I rushed to school, still messing with my uniform as I ran. This was already a bad sign for the new semester!

Of course Mr. Nanaki would have to be the first person I run into.

Sir! I’m sorry! I’m sorry! I overslept!
…Aaah! My homework! I forgot to bring my homework!
Aren’t you getting a little ahead of yourself, Lourde?

You’re just a little bit early.
Though, since you’re here… Could you lend me a hand for a bit, Lourde?
Lend you a hand?

…Of course, you have a test in September, so if you want to go and study in the library…

I mean, since I’m already here I might as well stick around for a bit. And grading papers with Mr. Nanaki sounds a lot more fun than studying right now…
Sure, Mr. Nanaki! I’ll help you grade the exams.
You will? Thank you! I’ll go make us some tea…

This tea is very good!
It has mango in it. I do like sweet tea…

And so the rest of the day was spent grading papers. It was a lot of fun talking with Mr. Nanaki like this, even if he did fall asleep a lot.

Two days later, the real start of the semester came.

Once summer’s over, time starts slipping by faster than ever. Try to stay focus…ed…
Focus, sir! Focus!

After school, I was walking through the halls when I noticed something peculiar.

A student ID?

Whose is it? Someone from 2-2? …Not a name I recognize.
Should I go find their classroom? They might already have gone home, though…
Well, any teacher will do, right?
Hopefully I can catch Mr. Nanaki in the teacher’s lounge before he leaves for the day.


Hello, Goon. Did you forget to turn in your homework…?
I found someone’s ID card, sir. It’s someone from 2-2… I thought I should take it here.
Oh? Thank you, Goon. I can take care of it.
What is it?
Nothing, just… You did find this today, right, Lourde?
Yes. In the corridor just outside…

So then, was the card lying there all summer? Nobirdie noticed it?
It’s awfully clean, though… Shouldn’t it at least be dusty?

Anyway, I’ll take care of it. Thank you, Lourde.
After that, I headed home to get a start on my homework.

The end of the week came with a small surprise.

I’m still having trouble with my math skills, so sitting in on Mr. Nanaki’s class should be able to help me out.

I can just barely keep up, even though Mr. Nanaki explains everything so clearly…
So this is all easy for you, Sakuya? Wooow!
Are you trying to curry favor with me? Hmph…!

He looks happy, though.
Goon leveled up!
Wisdom increased by 5!

And with that, I was able to successfully survive my first week back at school.