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Part 16: Episode 16: After-School Intrigue

Two weeks later, and everything seemed to be fine with Mr. Nanaki. Nothing seemed out of the ordinary.
I was on after school cleaning duty today.


Where’s my phone?
I remember looking at Daily Portal Z during break, so… I can’t have left it at home.

We had chemistry lab today, right…?

Maybe I left it in there…
The door… is open. Good.

Sitting right on the bench I worked at.

Sorry, were you lonely? Come on, let’s head home!
I turned to head out of the room, when…


I bumped into…


No, I…!

What is he even doing here? He came out of the chemistry prep room… right?

Alone, after school, in the lab… What were you doing?
U-umm, I left something behind…
Did you see anything?
I’m asking if you saw anything.
Wh-what are you…

What is he talking about? Would it be a problem if I had seen something?

…Very well.

Ah, yes! What is it?
Could you bring me the files from the prep room? The black ones, on the desk.
…Isn’t this the prep room right here?
They are… somewhat heavy, for me. But I am sure you will have no problem with them.
Would you mind?
N-no, sir…

Between his question and now his request, Dr. Iwamine was acting very suspicious.
I’m not sure I could get away with saying no. I’ll just do as he says…

I don’t see anything like what he asked me for…
A lock turns with an audible “clunk”.



I’m locked in…?
D-doctor! Doctor, let me out!

No reply.
The building’s going to be locked soon, and I didn’t tell anyone I was coming here…

Somebirdie, help me!
The doctor locked me in here!

Why did he do that?
There’s no reason to, unless--

H-he thinks I saw something I shouldn’t have…
This must be his way of… shutting me up. Or removing the evidence… That’s probably it.

I’m in despair. This evil doctor who will probably be coming back with a cleaver or something has left me in despair!
I’m not sure I could make it out the window…
But I have to get out of here, quickly! How can I…!?


Footsteps. Coming closer.
I have to hide!
B-but there’s nowhere to hide in here…!

I’m sorry! I’m sorry! Please, don’t--
The music stops.

M-Mr. Nanaki…
I thought I heard noises coming from over here… Were you banging the door, Lourde?
That’s not good. The door isn’t a punching bag!

I think I can see a halo around his head. I can practically hear angels! I’m alive!

S-sir, I-I…

I-I didn’t come in of my own accord! The doctor--
That’s right, I asked her to.
You did?

I completely forgot I’d asked her to get something, and locked her in and walked off.

You locked the door as soon as I walked in here! Who are you, Clive Wearing!?
Clive Wearing is an accomplished musician who is known for having both retrograde and anterograde amnesia, meaning he can neither form new memories nor easily recall past memories. Apparently his active memory only lasts up to 30 seconds.

Is that it? Well, then…
This whole thing stinks of ill-doing, Mr. Nanaki!
But the doctor said it was an accident.

That is true. I wanted to leave early, but then all this happened!
Well, then… I’ll head home now.
Stay safe! We’ll have a career plans survey tomorrow, so don’t forget the printout from earlier today.
At this point I was just happy to be able to leave, so I ran all the way home. I thought I heard Mr. Nanaki and Dr. Iwamine talking as I left, but I was too occupied to pick anything up.

Lourde is a very honest, nice girl, isn’t she?
Though, she is a little bit restless.
I agree completely. Anyway, I shall excuse myself now. Good bye.

That sort of thing will be the death of you, you know.

…Yes. Thank you, Professor.

Thankfully, nothing else happened until finals, which gave me plenty of time to study.


Wh… What…!?
She beat you by two points, Shirogane. Oh well!

Sakuya’s glaring daggers at me again. How nostalgic!
Anyway, my hard work paid off! Yippee!