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Hatoful Boyfriend

by ChorpSaway

Part 24: Episode 23: Secrets Revealed

I’m such an idiot! I was doing so well this semester, but then I go and turn in my recorder to Mr. Nanaki instead of my homework! How did those two things even get mixed up? Thankfully, Mr. Nanaki was understanding about it and let me turn in my homework. Dr. Iwamine was there too, and he seemed to be mad at Mr. Nanaki. I don’t know what he wanted, but it seemed rude to talk like that to another teacher.

A couple weeks later and I was spending my night out on the town.

Huh? Who’s the cute girl handing out fliers?


Wh-what are you doing, Ryouta!? The festival’s over! Or is that… Is that what you always wear!?

What kind of job is that!?
Y-you’re misunderstanding! It’s just a transvestite café!
I’m not misunderstanding at all!
We need the money…
Here, you take a flier, too!

Y’know, I was a little harsh. I shouldn’t judge Ryouta for something like this; I know he’s just trying to help his family, and this is the job he was able to get. I guess I was just shocked to see him outside in that outfit more than anything. I should be supportive.

Yeah, I’ll take one... Sorry about the outburst. I’ll make sure to ask for you.
Thank you! I’ll be waiting, Goon!

Coolene? Okay!
See you later, Coolene!

Well, that was a little embarrassing, but at least now I know where Ryouta works! I can visit him now when I’m out and about.
I’ll tip you big, little lady!

Another month went by with little excitement. The bell rang, and school was over for the day.

Umm… sorry, I need to go somewhere right now. Maybe later?
Okay! …Is something wrong, Ryouta?

His smile is incredibly unconvincing.
But if he doesn’t want me worrying about it, worrying about it won’t do anybirdie any good. Maybe I’ll go to the arcade…
The music stops.

Huh? What’s Ryouta doing over there?
And why is he coming out of…
The hospital…?
Ryouta, were you…

Of course! What is it?

Sorry, I’m… not sure how to say this.
Take your time. I’m not going anywhere.
…My mother… isn’t doing well. She was never very healthy…
She did always used to catch colds during the winter…
Ahaha… Yeah. Even though doves are supposed to fare better in the cold than in heat.

So she’s in the hospital now.
And that’s where you’ve been going after school…
I hope she gets better soon, Ryouta!
She won’t.

She won’t!...?
He’s crying.


And so he fled into the night.
Could his mother really be… I’m so sorry, Ryouta…