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Part 25: Episode 24: Quiet Moments Shared

Even though I was worrying about Ryouta and his mother, I knew that this was something I shouldn’t stick my head into without permission, so I ignored the uneasy feeling in my gut and continued to prepare for finals. Thankfully, all of my studying paid off, and I was top of the class!

Christmas Eve came pretty quickly afterwards, and I was enjoying the day at home when…

“Meet me in the park at 7.”
What’s going on? I hope it isn’t something bad.
I left for the park, worried for what might await me there.

Nope. Sorry for dragging you out like this, Goon.
What is it? Is your mother okay?
Yeah, she’s fine now. Thanks.

Going home… is too lonely. So I thought maybe if I talked to you I’d feel a little better.
So you called me? Do you feel better?
Yep… Thank you.
Oh… Sorry, sitting out here on Christmas Eve is kind of sad. Want to go somewhere?
I don’t mind, Ryouta. Anywhere’s fine with you.

And so Ryouta and I spent the evening sitting together in the park.

The music stops.

…But it’s raining!

Oh, well.
I’d go to the shrine, but this weather makes the wilderness dangerous. I think I’ll sleep in like a good girl instead.

With the end of winter break came the last semester of classes. Thankfully, there were no tests to worry about, so it looked to be a very relaxed semester for me.

In fact, it was so relaxed that before I knew it, it was Legumentine’s!
Since I knew Ryouta was going through a lot, I thought it’d be nice to get him some seeds. Y’know, as a friendly gesture.
Since his stomach isn’t in the best condition, I decided to pick up some calm corn for him.

Ryouta, wait!
Umm, do you have a minute?
Sure. What’s up?
Here! Calm corn, for Legumentine’s!

I love these. They’re really good!
It said they were easy on birds’ stomachs, so I thought you might!
I now sometimes it’s tough, but… I like being around you and helping you, Ryouta.

You like udon, right? Let me take you out sometime.

He seems happy. Yay!