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Hatoful Boyfriend

by ChorpSaway

Part 37: Episode 34: Encounters of a Bananaman

Pathetic, Lourde. As expected of a mere mammal.
Aren’t you uncomfortable, too? I thought doves fared badly in the heat.
Letting your weakness show in front of others is the mark of the vulgar class.
Hmm… Maybe I should take a leaf out of your book.
The sound of glass breaking is heard.

Him again!

…Who is this?
I think he’s named Anghel. He’s the class eccentric next door.
Hmph, another peasant. None of you even have the right to be in this school. Go back to the Philippines and bang some coconuts together, why don’t you.
Luzon Bleeding-Hearts are from the Philippines?

That would be why they’re call “Luzon” Bleeding-Hearts. The Philippines have bananas, right? Now I want to call him “Bananaman”.
Incidentally, Sakuya is about as unhinged as Anghel, so maybe they should be friends.

I have no business with you, Hallowed Magician of White.

Can you not… remember who I am?

Wait, he couldn’t possibly be… I mean, his name sorta matches, but…
Was my Tanabata wish taken seriously? Is he…

Could you be… a fallen angel escaped from the Demonic Prison of Judecca!?
…Have you awoken at last, Apostle Edel Blau!?
We have but little time left. You must decide! Will you cross swords with me on the promised ground, or--

He flies away down the corridor, in spite of my protests. What a busy bird.

I had been worrying about Anghel after he crashed into our room, and trying to figure out what was going on with him, and I forgot to study! Maybe I did okay…?

You didn’t do too badly… I think…


Even so, he didn’t have to be so blunt about it.

Try harder next time, okay?

I disappointed Mr. Nanaki… I’ll have to study more from now on.

But, the sting of messing up my final was quickly dulled by the joy of the semester’s end.

Sometimes it seemed long and sometimes it seemed short, but either way, it’s summer now!
I’ll go return the books I have out from the library.

As I exited class, I heard a nearby window break.

Hello, Anghel!

Is it bad that I’m already getting used to this?
He appears like the Christmas Star, descending from the heavens.

A gate to the other world? You mean--

He stares intently towards the end of the hallway.

…The infirmary?
A mere disguise, Edel Blau. I sense a powerful, Evil Magic inside--no doubt the Tree of Blight, Rufa, has taken root within.
Left alone, it will soon swallow the entire school. We must stop it now…!

I wonder how Dr. Iwamine would react to an eccentric Filipino breaking down his door.

Well, I certainly don’t need him getting in trouble, especially since he’ll probably drag me in to it. I’ll play along with him a little, though.

The time is not yet come, Crimson Angel of Judecca!
Is that true, Edel Blau?

That’s probably a good idea. The doctor doesn’t take kindly to roughhousing, I think.

Anghel leaves, satisfied.
The music stops.

I didn’t want to lose all the progress I had made from going to gym class, so I decided to take a jog. While I was out, I met a girl named Azami, who was a little confrontational, but seemed nice enough.

With all of my free time, I thought about getting a job in town, but I thought it’d be better to leave time for me to exercise and take things at my own pace. I’m too young to worry about serious responsibilities!

Before I knew it, a whole two weeks had passed, and the summer festival was already here.
As I was thinking of whom to take with me, I thought about Anghel. If nothing else, he wouldn’t refuse to go with me; he seems pretty interested in me. Plus, he seems like he’d be a fun date, if nothing else.
…Yeah, I think I’ll invite him.


This is the right time, isn’t it? Is my phone’s clock off…?

…del Blau…

Hmm… Maybe I should go ahead by myself…?

Edel Blau!

Was he that sound I was hearing? Why was he whispering before? Now that he’s spoken up, though…
I can hear him, but where is he!?

Anghel? Is that you?
I am here, Edel Blau!

Aaah! You scared me!

He frantically glances about.

A lower demon of Baal. I can still feel its presence! It lurks nearby, Edel Blau.
Fighting evil again, Anghel?
…You have but just awakened. It is too soon to bring you into battle. Take this.

He hands me…

This will protect you from the forces of witchcraft. But we should leave this place nonetheless.
You’re right. Come on, let’s go to the festival!
The charm Anghel gives Goon here is for easy childbirth.

Maybe he’s not used to crowds?

Is this your first time coming to a summer festival, Anghel?
I was born beneath the star of solitude. I am not allowed these pleasures.
Don’t tell me you don’t have any friends…!?

He’s staring agitatedly at stand selling cheap toys and trinkets.

Umm… that looks like a normal booth to me…
When the Chaotic Wings of the Reaper appear on this Earth, The Echoes of The End shall be heard across the land… Edel Blau, you must undergo training.

It is easy to lose track of your exercise regime during vacation.
And so Anghel and I enjoyed the festival in our own special way.
The music stops.

A couple of weeks later, and I was already late for school. After waking up in a panic, I rushed to school, which made me forget my homework, and when I got to the campus Mr. Nanaki told me that I was early by an entire day. Ugh.
He asked if I could help him grade some exams, but at that point I was so embarrassed that I thought it would be better to just go back home and sleep it off.