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Part 39: Episode 36: Cause for Concern

After the final exam last term, I was trying to prove myself to Mr. Nanaki, but I turned in my recorder to Mr. Nanaki instead of my homework today! As I went to turn in my actual homework though, I saw what I thought was Dr. Iwamine bullying Mr. Nanaki. Bullying isn’t allowed between students, so it certainly shouldn’t be allowed between teachers, so I stood up for Mr. Nanaki.

A month of uneventful schooltime later, and I had just left the cafeteria in a good mood.

Huh? Isn’t that…


Anghel beckons to me, completely visible despite his obvious attempts to conceal himself.

Do you not sense the quickening, Edel Blau?

He’s looking at--

Still going on about the infirmary, huh?
I have told you that is merely a façade, Edel Blau.
The Tree of Blight, Rufa… Yes, it is the Incubator of Absolute Darkness!
That makes even less sense! Why’s a fallen angel stressing over an infirmary, anyway?
The entire school will be swallowed by the Demon Spores if we do not act!

I’m not sure why, but it seems like he’s planning to hurt me.
Scum! Vagabond! Little do you know that the Lourde family tradition is to kill first and ask questions later!

…but the Root of All Evil, the Dark Sorceror, is not here at present. I must plan my attack… Rest easy until then, Edel Blau.

And with that, he returned to his classroom.
It looks like a normal infirmary to me. Is something really going to happen?
I decided to just ignore it and continue on my way. I couldn't let this get in the way of getting to my next class on time!