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Hatoful Boyfriend

by ChorpSaway

Part 40: Episode 37: The Unlikely Couple

After the last final though, I really just want to see an improvement…


Yes, sir!

I may not be at the top of the class this year, but at least I’m better!
The music stops.

After our finals came winter break, and soon after that…

…but my family’s Buddhist, so we never do anything special.
A doorbell rings.

Huh? Somebirdie’s here?

I opened the door, expecting a visitor, but…
There’s no one here.

I could have sworn I heard the doorbell… Maybe it was a prank…?

There’s a little bag at my feet, with a note.
“To Edel Blau, Apostle of the Heavens.”
Must be from Anghel!
A crucifix?
Oh, and a letter. Let’s see…

…If you’re going to ask me out, can’t you at least say when and where!?
I decided to just accept the gift for now and try to figure out what Anghel was trying to say later.

Soon after, it was time for the New Year’s festival! I met with Ryouta and picked up a charm. I thought Anghel might appreciate something like this, so I picked up the one for “conquest” and headed on my way.

Afterwards, I caught Mr. Nanaki by the fortune stand. I got a pretty nice fortune this year, but Mr. Nanaki said he got the Chicken of Ill Omen. I feel kinda bad for him.

I think that’s enough celebration for today! Time to go home.
As I was starting to leave though…
Over by the office, isn’t that…

I understand that you’re upset, but you’re holding up the line…

Anghel seems to be having some sort of breakdown at the amulet stall.

Oh, Goon! Good timing!
Anghel couldn’t decide which to get, and now he’s hysterical. I’m gonna get my pay docked for selling slowly…
I need to get him out of the line, but…

Looks like I get to be Anghel’s babysitter! Who could’ve known?
I know that’s a little harsh, but he certainly seems to have become more of my responsibility lately.

What’s wrong, Anghel?

Infinite possibilities?
The present is a single point in the vast, Cosmic Soup of Time. Do I place myself under the protection of the Wise Kingfisher, or the Guiding Pearl, or…?
I must decide which one will most likely aid me in the--
How about traffic safety? You strike me as the type to fly out into the road and get hit by a car, Anghel. Traffic safety is good!

Before he could continue that train of thought, I interrupted him and made what seemed to be a practical choice.

Ryouta, can you give us a traffic safety charm?
Here you are! Thanks, Goon!

And so I paid for the amulet and dragged Anghel out of the choked-up line.

Yup! Don’t worry about it.
Here’s your amulet. Don’t lose it!
…I thank you. Guide me well, oh Wondrous Pearl!

And so Anghel took off into the trees, clutching his traffic safety amulet.
I wonder if he’ll remember to look both ways.

Before I knew it, winter break was over. With the end of winter break came the final semester. There was no formal testing this semester, so I felt rather at ease.

And before I knew it, it was already time for girls to pick out seeds for their Legumentine’s date.
Y’know, as much as I’ve had to take care of Anghel this year, I’ve come to like the little goofball. Sure, he acts out a lot and draws negative attention to him, but it’s pretty cute when you get down to it. I decided that Anghel would be my Legumentine’s date. I wasn’t sure what kind of beans he might like, so I asked the clerk if she had any that were “magical”. Despite the odd look, she told me that the bitter black beans were an import from East Asia, and I thought that was close enough.

Anghel’s in class 2, right? I wonder if he’s still in the classroom…

The classroom was still full when I got there, so I decided to call out for him.

He poked his head out as I called his name.

Hi, Anghel! I, umm… have something to give you.


Anghel pulls me from the room, and runs into the hallway as if fleeing from something.

There is a risk that I could be cursed if others were to learn of our connection.

In other words, the other boys in your class would make fun of you for having a girlfriend.
See, it’s things that this that show how sweet and innocent Anghel can be, delusions aside.

Sorry, Anghel. I wasn’t thinking.
It’s Legumentine’s today. Do you… want my beans?
Th-these are…!

A change comes over him.

He he he… Aah, Black Beandonna…!
Wh-what’s going on?
Agh! Get out! This is my body, and I won’t let you use it as you please!

They look like normal black beans to me…
Indeed. Have no fear, I shall destroy them now.

He opens the package and dumps its contents into his beak.
Forget what I said earlier. He’s a huge dork who doesn’t know how to read a mood.

*cough* *cough*
A-are you okay!? How do I heimlich a pigeon!?
D… don’t worry… about me…! Escape while you can, Edel Blau…!

Maybe he’s a little young for black beans.