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Hatoful Boyfriend

by ChorpSaway

Part 41: Episode 38: The Boss of This Dungeon is...!?

This has been a long year. I’ve gotten involved with a Filipino… a Bananaman… an eccentric fallen angel…
And to think that’s all just one person!
There’s a letter in my desk.

It’s from the eccentric Filipino Bananaman!

Is he planning to break into the infirmary…?

The doctor being what he is, I’m worried for Anghel. I’d better hurry.
Whatever I had expected to see in that infirmary, it certainly wasn’t what I ended up encountering.


Did I go into the wrong room…? No, I’m sure this is the infirmary.
But this place is like nothing that belongs in a school.

It is time to end this, Dark Sorceror Wallenstein…!
I have waited for you, Crimson Angel of Judecca. Waited… from the very beginning.

And so you have appeared, lured here by the Taint of She’ol leaking through. Just as planned…!
So, your plan has been to swallow the school into the Abyss all along. Too bad! I shall not allow the Tree to reach maturity!
Hohoho! Please, do not misunderstand. I have no intention of bringing The End with this wooden toy.
No, what I want… is your Accursed Flesh, Angel of Hell.


A black miasma floods from his chest, and is swallowed by the tree.
What’s even happening right now, and what’s Dr. Iwamine going on about…?
I can’t worry about that now, Anghel’s in danger!

What are you doing, doctor!? This is cruel!
You should know, Reincarnation Edel Blau, the Apostle who sealed the Crimson Angel of Judecca.
This dove holds within him an Avatar of Destruction!
An avatar of… destruction…?
Have you forgotten, Edel Blau…? That day, long ago… in the time of Gods and Demons… when you took up the sword to end my rampage…?
I have drawn out the power you sealed in his breast with the Forbidden Mantrayana.
The Tree of Blight has consumed both the students of this school and the mindless power of the Crimson Devil! Welcome to The End!

No… it’s over… it’s all over! The world will be swallowed by Darkness…!

At this point, it seemed like Anghel was our only way out of this nightmare. I had to help him…!

You can’t give up, Anghel!
Edel Blau…
Have you forgotten, Anghel? I still have that ID card with the weird squiggles you drew!
We still have hope! All we need to do is kill this final boss thingie, right?
We stand together, Anghel…!

I… had not the courage to face down my evil half. But you…!
Take this, Edel Blau!

This is… the mapping pen…!

Anghel uses Dark Void Shockwave!
Himnesia takes 24 damage!

Goon uses Eye of Judgment!
Himnesia takes 110 damage!

Himnesia unleashes Obliteration Blade!
Goon takes 215 damage!

Anghel uses Blood Lotus Cremation!
Himnesia takes 68 damage!

Goon uses No’chin Ki Shum!
Himnesia takes 132 damage!

Himnesia unleashes Obliteration Blade!
Goon takes 240 damage!

Anghel uses Crimson Seraph Chain!
Himnesia takes 54 damage!

Goon uses Blauhimmen Flight!
Himnesia takes 165 damage!

Himnesia unleashes Obliteration Blade!
Goon takes 364 damage!

This is the end, Demon!

Anghel uses Megido Nova Circumversio!
Himnesia takes 72 damage!

You miscalculated, Wallenstein. You did not account for Edel Blau’s presence here!
Bah! I must withdraw…!
Do not forget! I shall summon a second Himnesia, and a third, until the world is torn apart by their Thirst for Blood!
Wait, Wallenstein…!