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Part 45: Episode 41: The Wet Wings of Progress

Soon after, it was time for the Tanabata festival, but as I reached the bamboo tree in the park, I still couldn’t think of anything that I really wanted to wish for. I thought that reading some of the other wishes might give me a good idea of what I could wish for, but I still came up short.
However, as I thought about my year so far, I thought about my music classes and how much fun I had singing. Maybe I could become famous and tour around the…
There! That was my wish.

I wish to become a famous artist whose work is known the world over!
After finishing my wish, Mr. Nanaki showed up and, for my safety, asked if I wanted him to walk me home. While I definitely appreciated the gesture, I had somewhere else to be this evening, so I turned him down.

Today’s music class was supposed to be pretty interesting, since the focus would be on playing instruments rather than singing. I wonder what instrument I’ll be given.

What am I supposed to be, the musical gorilla!?

Goon leveled up!
Charisma increased by 5!

My mood improved greatly after music class, because it turned out that today was a special class day.

I didn’t know the students in my class all looked this good… Even Sakuya manages to look good in the pool.
The real eye candies are the third-years, though. Can you believe that Yuuya looks even better when wet?
Speaking of those two, it looks like they’re about to talk. I hope they can keep it civil…

Salutations, Sakuya. The wet look suits you well.
…Do you mock me?
Hardly! I’m praising you. I’m proud to have such a handsome little brother.
Your very act of speaking to me is an insult, mongrel! You probably can’t even swim.

Fool. We already know who the victor will be.
But, to ignore a challenge would be a disgrace to my name. Very well.
Mon amie!
Will you be our judge?
I shall judge your noble combat with all possible fairness!
Of course.
Just out of curiosity, who do you think will win?

While Sakuya certainly showed a lot of promise in class, I think Yuuya’s experience would be the winning factor in this competition.
I'll try to rile Sakuya up a bit though, and see if it gets him more motivated.

I think you’ll win, Yuuya. You’re ripped, and Sakuya’s all fluff!
Why thank you, mon amie. I’ll swim my fastest for you.
Get set… go!

They dive with perfect synchronization.
Yikes, they’re both fast! Even though their skeletal structure isn’t designed for it at all!
It was awfully close, but in the end…

*pant*… *pant*…
So, who won, mon amie?
It was almost too close to tell, but…
Yuuya was a little faster.

I can hear Sakuya grinding his beak in frustration.

This… this is some sort of mistake! I demand a rematch!
Sure. I’m always happy to take you on.

Yuuya looks pleased.
Maybe he’s happy because he got to talk to Sakuya?
Either way, I’m just glad they could talk to each other without much trouble.