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Part 46: Episode 42: Summer Love

The next day I was on duty at the infirmary, I was shocked to see Yuuya being interrogated by the doctor.
I don’t quite know what’s going on, but I don’t like the look on the doctor’s face.
I’ll help Yuuya by covering for him. I don’t wanna know what the doctor might do to him if I told the truth.

That’s right. Yuuya and I were having a sexy and luxurious sunbath in the courtyard up until a few minutes ago.
Sexy and luxurious it was indeed. Well, doctor?
…Very well. I shall have to wait for more solid evidence.

Of course, doctor.
The music stops.

Yuuya, what--
Forgive me, mon amie. I can’t explain right now.

And he’s gone. What was that supposed to mean?
Is something really happening in this infirmary?

I ended up getting so caught up in trying to figure out what was going on between Yuuya and the doctor that I forgot to study for finals, and I got a bad grade. I’ll get better though, I swear it!

But thankfully, the end of the semester soon came and with it also came summer vacation. Before leaving, I asked Dr. Iwamine about coming in to clean the infirmary, but he said that wouldn’t be necessary. He asked if I had anything else I wanted to talk to him about, but…
No, that’s all.
I will ask you to leave, then. You aren’t an unpleasant companion, but I have many experiments to conduct.

I got kicked out again.

Or is it something more sinister…?
The music stops.

Well, I couldn’t spend my summer worrying about hypothetical problems, so I decided to clear my mind with a jog around town, where I met a pretty cool birdie. I think she’s a biker too, so she’s a little dangerous, but I liked her well enough.

I thought that getting a job might be a good way to pass time in the break, but I ultimately thought it’d be better to use my free time to relax between semesters. Plus, I didn’t know if I’d be called in to infirmary duty, so I needed to keep my schedule open.

The time flew by until finally, the summer festival was here!
While I was thinking of who to invite I was reminded of the scene between Yuuya and the doctor. Maybe I’ll be able to talk to Yuuya about that if we go to the festival together. Plus, he seems like he’s a perfect fit for a party, so it’s guaranteed to be a good time.
I called Yuuya up, and he said he would meet me in the park.

Oh! Yuuya! Sorry, did I keep you waiting?
Don’t worry about it. A gentleman never keeps a lady waiting, so I always show up half an hour early.

That’s… pretty early.

Shall we go, mon amie?

Don’t tell me you’re a hand-holding virgin?
Better late than never. You were the one who invited me. Okay?
Umm… okay.

His feathers are… soft…
I hope I’m not blushing too hard…
The festival was a lot of fun. I’m glad I decided to ask Yuuya to come with me.

The music stops.

Umm, Yuuya…!
What is it? Do you want to play some more? The night is yet young, and if dangerous games are your desire, I will accompany you.
Th-that’s not what I meant! I… wanted to ask you something.
Of course. Just, my height and weight are classified information, so I can’t tell you those.
Why did you lie to Dr. Iwamine?

In other words, I haven’t had time to go rifling through your stuff, doctor. Right, Goon?

I came straight from cleaning my classroom. I hadn’t seen you before I went into the infirmary.
But you told the doctor that we’d been together. Why?

You knew I was lying, then. So why did you play along?
Because… the doctor looked mad? I felt like if I didn’t help you he was going to do something to you--
…Hey! I’m asking the questions here!
Ahaha. Sorry, mon amie, your hunter-gatherer instincts are too much for me. But yes, if you hadn’t helped me back then…

Th-that’s not funny!
Indeed, it isn’t funny at all. And it’s not a joke. Ahaha.
Please, give me a straight answer, Yuuya…
That was a straight answer. I’m always straight, in love. Almost always.
No, I meant…
Uhh, Goon, could you do me a favor?
What now? You’re just trying to avoid the question again.
Ssshhh. Listen. I’ll only say this once.

What’s going on? His usual detached air is gone. He’s looking around, almost nervously…

…I’m sorry, mon amie. It looks like we had better split up. Can you get home all right by yourself?
O-of course, I…

The night roads are laden with traps. Be careful. Adieu, mon amie!

He turns briskly and disappears into a narrow alley.
What on earth is going on? He told me not to look back, but…
A gunshot…!?
I ran straight home as quickly as I could.
The music stops.

Later that night, he sent me an e-mail.

The message bears no trace of the tension I felt in him earlier. Are you all right, Yuuya…?
He really is a mysterious bird. I think I’ll assume that his existence is one of the seven mysteries of St. Pigeonation’s.

I had gotten used to take late-night walks during the summer to help me relax.

I think I’ll get some udon and go home before I get life-counseled.
Wait, isn’t that… Yuuya?
He’s rummaging around in a garbage can.
I decided to try and scare him while his was preoccupied. Maybe if I did an impression...?

Yuuya, what are you doing!? Have you fallen so far, mongrel?

I-I can’t believe you need to fish around in trash cans for food, Yuuya…!
Please, don’t misunderstand, mon amie. I was looking for something.
Sadly, no clues were to be found in this barrel.

Clues…? What is he talking about?

“Mr. Garbage Disposal”!
Something like that.
I would like to escort you home, mon amie, but unfortunately I am somewhat busy at the moment. Will you be all right on your own?
A hunter-gatherer can always find her way home!

The smell of garbage surrounding him fades as he strides off into the night, but the mysteries don’t. What was he looking for?

I rushed to school today, worrying that I was going to be late on the first day back to school. I forgot my homework, I barely had time to get ready, and to top it all off, Mr. Nanaki told me that I had shown up a day early.
He asked if I wanted to help him grade some exams since I was already there, but I thought that I would just head back home and try to calm down for the rest of the day. My heart was still pumping like mad, and I feel like it’d be hard for me to concentrate on anything.