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Part 47: Episode 43: Maids vs. Butlers: Battle of the Schoolground

Going back to school was a fairly easy transition, especially with what had happened yesterday. I stumbled on a missing student ID, though, and when I asked Mr. Nanaki about it, he said that the student had been missing and that I shouldn’t worry myself about it, so I told him thank you and continued on my day.

It was time for another elective class, and I went into the music room hoping that my lack of training during the break wouldn’t hurt my ability.

I don’t think we have any spares…
I-I do have my hichiriki, at least.
You can play that!?
Even though it was a little harder to play, I was able to keep up with the rest of the class.
Now, where could I have put my recorder…?

Goon leveled up!
Charisma increased by 5!

A couple weeks later and the campus was wild with wings.

I don’t have anything to do, so I guess I’ll go look around.
Didn’t Yuuya say his class was doing a butler café in the courtyard?
Hrrm. As a member of the maid team, I can’t ignore this threat.

Secret Agent Goon, go! I need to sneak in and see what his class is up to.

They have all this, and we’re stuck in a classroom!? I think we’ve already lost in terms of location…

Mon amie?
How kind of you to see m… Wait, no.

Oh! He does look good. I think I’m blushing.
…No! I can’t let him think he’s winning!

Y-you’re not fooling anyone, Yuuya! You say that to everybirdie, right?
It is my duty, for today. Please forgive me, my lady.
What’s your class doing, mon amie?
A maid café.

“Maids vs. Butlers: Battle of the Schoolground.”
…I think it’s a bit much.

You’re not on duty today? Or are you taking a break?
I’m on duty tomorrow.

I await your return, master! ~☆

I’ll definitely show him up tomorrow, no matter what!