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Part 48: Episode 44: Future Plans

Today may have been a little mundane, but there’s some exciting stuff happening now that class is over!

It doesn’t seem like a particularly dirty room, but for some reason they always run out really quickly.
Yuuya went ahead, and I can’t keep him waiting. Blast off at the speed of light! To the maintenance office and beyond!
The music stops.

Yuuya’s talking with the janitor, Mr. One.
I hadn’t expected Mr. One, the quiet, foppish bird with a cult following to get along with the infamous studmuffin Sakazaki Yuuya!

…but I don’t think we’ll find any evidence.

Salutations, mon amie!
I was waiting for you. Here, I’ll take the heavy stuff, you take the broom.
…That is that, then.

Mr. One retreats into his lair with an unsociable expression.

Mr. One seems like kind of a loner. I wonder if it’s part of the job description.
He’s a nice fellow, once you get to know him. I think his taciturn nature does him great injustice, personally.
You’re friends with him?

He starts carrying the supplies down the hall, ending the conversation.
Somehow I feel like he doesn’t want to talk about it. Hmm…
Well, no use dwelling on it. There’s plenty of work to do!

Today, our teacher discussed our academic future and encouraged us to figure what we wanted to do after high school.

I wonder if Yuuya’s already decided on his?
I mean, he’s already a senior so I’m sure he has some idea of what he wants to do.
Maybe I’ll go ask him for advice.

I went to check Yuuya’s class to see if he was there, but as I got there…

Student B: Yeah, he was here this morning. Dunno where he went.
D-doesn’t he attend class?
Student B: He’s never been particularly serious, no. He isn’t even here half the time… I don’t think he’s planning to go on to university, is he?

I never realized!
Hmm… If he’s still here, he’s probably at the infirmary or the shop.
I’ll go to the shop first. We didn’t have infirmary duty today, and my hunter-gatherer instincts are telling me he’s there.

Thankfully, as I opened the door to the shop, I saw…


That was easier than I expected. He’s acting kind of weird, though… He isn’t shoplifting, is he?

Are you busy right now? I wanted to talk to you…
Uh, sure… Here.

He takes my hand and runs from the store.

What are you doing? Why’d you drag me into this empty hallway?

Oh well.
Why’d you come and talk to me, mon amie? Were you drawn to my sexy aura?
No, I just wanted to talk to you about careers plans and stuff…

What do you mean?
Well, you might get…
Shot, knifed, dismembered, drowned, buried alive… That sort of thing.
I-I don’t know what you’re talking about, Yuuya.
Don’t think too hard! I mean exactly what I said.

His tone of voice is as carefree as ever, but his eyes are dead serious. I don’t think he’s joking…

Kind of hard to swallow, isn’t it? How about this--I’ll tell you something neat, as a parting gift.
You know the rumors that missing students end up as meat in the cafeteria, and quill pens in the shop?
Why do you think I’m so forward, mon amie? And why do you think I work in the infirmary?

Y-Yuuya! Wait!

But he was gone before I could raise my protest.