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Part 52: Episode 47: Staying Sporty

My sophomore year at St. Pigeonation’s has finally arrived, and I’m ready to make it my best year yet!

I saw some familiar faces in class, and even met some new students. The sheer number of unique birdies here at St. Pigeonation’s truly is staggering.

While I don’t think that he really gave off a good first impression, Oko-san’s dedication to his craft made me want to join the track team. Besides, a hunter-gatherer has to always stay in tip-top shape!

If I was going to be on the track team, I thought it would be a good idea to take part in gym class as well. The first meeting was a little awkward, since it was bird-only training, but a little self-exercise really hit the spot!

It was the first elective day and I was excited to get started.
I want to join the team, but… I wonder if Okosan’s having a fit again.
I’ll find out when I get there!

A fit he is having, though not over pudding.

Not really… I want to join the team. Do you know where the captain is?
Coooo! (He stands before you! Okosan is the captain, and a faster bird the world has ever known!)

I never knew!

Oh! Well… here! My forms! Thank you!
Coo! (A dove never refuses a challenge! Commence the entrance examination!)
There’s an exam?
Cooo! (Of course! Track isn’t daisy-chain-making, missy!)
Coo! (Okosan will be your opponent in noble combat! Sprint, or long-distance?)

Well, if he’s the captain, he must be really good. But a dove’s legs are only so long, so I bet he’s only fast in short distances!
Let us do battle in long-distance!
Coo! (Long distance? You’ve got guts! Let us begin!)
Coo, coo! (On your mark! Get set! Gooooo!)

He was already gone before I had time to get ready.
How is he so fast!? He can’t even fly this fast!
I did my best to keep up with him, but he was definitely in a whole different league.

*pant*… *pant*

Th… thanks…?
Coo! (That’s all, folks!)

And so I joined the track team. Who knew doves could run like that?

Soon after we had out class trip! We all decided to hied up a nearby hill, and it felt so easy and carefree, thanks to my work with the track team. I decided to see how my fellow track member was doing on the trip.
I wonder where Okosan went?
I haven’t seen him since we stopped here.

Coo, coo! (It’s not here! The pudding is not here!)
Right on cue. Or should I say, “coo”? Heehee.

It’s missing? Did you bring it to eat for lunch?

Is there a kind of pudding that lives in the mountains…?
Cooo! (Okosan will now search elsewhere for the pudding!)

…And he’s gone.
What kind of pudding is he looking for, anyway?
The music stops.

While I was excited for gym class this week, the heat made it really tough to keep up. Only Okosan was still going by the end of class.

St. Pigeonation’s sports festival came quickly, and I was excited to participate. Since I was the best girl on the track team, I was assigned to the marathon race. I took my place next to our other runner, Okosan.

Cooo! (You’re running the marathon too, Goon?)
Yup! Someone needs to act as female representative. Good luck, Okosan!

Swift as the wind, as usual. I think he came in first, but I can’t see from here.
I’d better do my best, too!

We’re getting them back today… Aah, I don’t think I did too well.

Hmm… I don’t think you did too badly…

Try harder next time, okay?

I spent so much time preparing for the marathon run that I forgot to study. And now…
I disappointed Mr. Nanaki… I’ll have to study more from now on.
The music stops.

I was a little late getting back from break today.

There’s a pile of overturned desks in the middle of the floor. Ryouta is overturned next to them.
Rock doves’ underwings and bellies are light, so they look pretty different upside-down…

I mean, wait, what’s going on!?
O-Okosan and Sakuya are…

I look up to see the two of them at each other’s throats in the corner.
I think we might have a diplomatic incident on our hands.

…What happened, Ryouta?
Sakuya was making fun of Okosan…
He called him a stupid mongrel who only thinks about imaginary pudding, and said he was ashamed to be in the same class…
That’s terrible! I mean, Okosan is a nutcase and I don’t know what he’s saying half the time, but he really does like pudding!
Either way, Okosan kind of went for the jugular, and…
…You tried to pull them apart, and Okosan used WING ATTACK on you?
Y-yup… You’re our only hope now, Goon…! Hgggckckck.

You tell me to take back my word? I shall not!
A mongrel like you hasn’t even the right to speak to me.
Coooo! Okosan is not a mongrel!

The battle still rages, and it looks like Ryouta’s sacrifice was in vain.

Sakuya is clearly in the wrong here! He shouldn’t make fun of other students, no matter what he might think of them!

Sakuya, that wasn’t very nice! Just because you don’t know what Okosan is talking about doesn’t mean you can start slurring him!
You… are you siding with this mongrel rebel? Aren’t you supposed to be a human!?
Coo, cooo! (Okosan is resolved! Okosan will end this now!)

He drops low, and prepares to strike with all his might.


Okosan crashes into Sakuya with a spinning bodyslam.
Sakuya goes flying out into the hallway, bouncing helplessly.
…That must have hurt.

Coo! (Okosan is a match for any aristocrat!)

He puffs up his chest and swags his way out of the classroom like a real gangsta pigeon.
I guess I helped…?
…Wait, class is about to start!

Okosan, come back! Break is over!
The music stops.

Today I was feeling particularly good, and so I headed off to the cafeteria in a good mood.

When I got there, however, I saw Ryouta holding back Okosan from a rampage. As much as I understood why he was doing it, I don’t think he fully understood the situation.

Let him go! Don’t you realize he’s a fantail!?
Coo! (Silence, fool boy!)
The sound of pots and pans clattering is heard.

Once freed, Okosan rampages for a while and then comes over with a satisfied expression.

Very well. San in the forest, and me in Tatara Village, our love pure! Carry me away on Yakul!
Who the heck is Yakul!?
The music stops.

The next gym class was entertaining, if only because watching Ryouta struggle with exercises is kind of cute.