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Hatoful Boyfriend

by ChorpSaway

Part 55: Episode 50: Track and Fielding

Why’s the doctor here?
You didn’t know? I’m in charge of nutrition for all the athletic clubs. Your advisor asked me to bring steroids today, but…

Coo! (Bring Okosan pudding, or bring nothing at all!)
…As you can see, your captain doesn’t want them.
I prepared this just for him, and I’d really like to see how his body will react to it…
Coooooo! (Okosan said he doesn’t want it! It smells weird!)
Coo! (Have Goon drink it instead!)

Whatever. Anything to make the doctor get lost! *gulp* *gulp*
!!! Nooooo! What are you doing!? That’s not for humans!
Cooo! (Okosan knew he could trust you, Goon! You are his greatest ally!)
Yuck! What was in that?

Goon leveled up!
Wisdom increased by 10!

I’m not sure why, but I think it made me smarter???
Either way, we’ve wasted enough time with the doctor. Let’s get started!

Race you to the other end of the field, Okosan!

As soon as Mr. Nanaki had finished the after-school announcements, I dashed off to the track field.

Coo? (What is it?)
I’ve been wondering for a while, now… What is the pudding you’re searching for?
Coooo! (Pudding is pudding, naturally!)
…Coo!? (Might you know where Okosan could find pudding, Goon!?)

Is he saying that he doesn’t know where to get his own pudding?

You can buy pudding at any convenience store, Okosan.
Coooo! (Indeed!? Okosan goes at once!)
Wait, Okosa--

…And he’s gone.


He’s back.

Ow! Okosan, stop! You’re hurting me!
Cooooooo! (There was no pudding! None at all! Not a trace!)
Cooooooo! (Okosan hates you, Goon!)

Nooo! Why is this happening???
I forgot how picky Okosan is about his pudding quality.

Maybe it was a little unfair since I drank that thing that Dr. Iwamine was trying to give to Okosan, but it definitely helped me pass my finals. I was happy just to be able to do well on a test this year!

Winter break was pretty uneventful, and I was excited for the New Years festival, until…

…But it’s raining!

Oh, well.
I’d go to the shrine, but this weather makes the wilderness dangerous. I think I’ll sleep in like a good girl instead.
I won’t be able to send out cards in this rain, either! Fiddlesticks.

Winter break ended with little fanfare, and I was excited for my final semester. No testing, just pure sports for the rest of the year.

And before I knew it, it was already time for girls to pick out seeds for their Legumentine’s date.
Through all of the ups and downs that I had with Okosan, he definitely showed a more sensitive and personal side to me, and it made me realize that while Okosan might be a little crazy, he can be really nice sometimes. He’s definitely dedicated to what he puts his mind too. I hope he’ll be my Legumentine’s date. I looked through the seed options at the local store, and found one that was supposed to have a sweet taste, swollen hemp. I hoped Okosan would like them.

Okosan! Okosan, wait!

Coooo! (What is it? Okosan was about to escape into the great outdoors!)
I have something for you! It’s Legumentine’s, remember?
Here! Hemp seeds!

He seems extremely excited.

Okosan, um… a lot’s happened since we met last spring…
The semester’s almost over, but I hope we can--

He leaps at me, grabbing the package and scattering its contents across the floor. He pecks at the seeds with a motion and speed reminiscent of a jackhammer.
I don’t think he’s going to listen to my confession.
Maybe I should have told him before I let him see the seeds… Oh, well. At least he’s happy!

Munsh munsh!

Cooooo! (Okosan will remember this gift forever!)

I seem to have earned his lifelong trust with hemp. That’s pretty cheap lifelong trust…