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Hatoful Boyfriend

by ChorpSaway

Part 57: Episode 52: Ascension (Ending No. 7)

So… this is the end? Haah!

Aah! It’s bright!
Coo! (Eyes! Eyes!)

There’s nothing inside. A fake…?

What should we do Okosan? I guess this…
…clad in feathers of the purest white, his golden pudding steed shining like the sun itself…

At last he returns to his lost home, guiding the pigeons to the pure, promised land!
Wh-what’s wrong, Okosan? Why are you talking!?
I am no longer the one called Okosan. I am now… Pudi, Lord of Pudding!
Okosan was but my Avatar on this mortal plane. I am now complete once more…!
Okosan, what are you…?
I am grateful to you, fair one. I have at last achieved my goal.
I am the bringer of True Pudding! I shall bring about a World of Pudding!
What is this pudding you’re talking about? Come on, tell me…!

I shall now become… the very concept of pudding itself.
Th-that’s not Newtonian!
I have enjoyed our travels together. However, you must live on and forget me!

I shall not live, or die. I shall be the concept of Ideal Pudding, never in wax or wane!
There shall be no regret.
Farewell, Goon…!

And so the world was engulfed in pudding.
According to the fundamental principles of Okosan’s new universe, every living being carries pudding in its heart…