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Part 59: Episode 53: My First Semester in Student Council

With a new school year comes new opportunities to make a name for myself. St. Pigeonation’s here I come!

Right away, I was bombarded with new faces and classes. There was one student I wasn’t so keen on getting to know better though, since he seemed really haughty and rude, even towards Mr. Nanaki!

Even though I wasn’t too happy about it, I still ended up with Sakuya in student council. I was interested in helping out the school, but I suppose I’ll also be taking care of Sakuya as well and making sure he doesn’t act out of line.

Then, for elective choice, I decided to take music lessons. Singing really just lets me get it all out and relax, you know?

The first council meeting came quickly, and I was less than delighted to find out that not only was I on the council with Sakuya, I was also the only one on the council with him. I tried to hide my disappoint as I assigned myself the role of vice president.

A class field trip came up the next week, and we all went on a day-long hike. It was also a student council day, so I thought I’d be safe, but Sakuya said we’d still have the meeting on one of the hiking breaks. However, with all the trouble he had just making it to the break spot, he called off the meeting and I got to show him a brighter side of exercise. Maybe he’s warming up to me a little now.

Today in much class we learned all about human composers who influenced modern music. Sakuya was in class today, and he seemed like he was having a good time.

And soon after, the St. Pigeonation’s annual sports festival was underway. Sakuya had asked me to join him in his cheerleader position today, so I headed over to the sidelines to see what he was up to.
There’s something of a crowd around the cheerleaders.
I see Sakuya, and… a brass band? That’s overdoing it.
I think I saw something similar during the changing of the guard at Buckingham Palace.

You’re here!
You’re not cutting any corners, I see.
Naturally not. Only the best from a Le Bel.
Horn: Sir! Preparations are complete, sir!
Tuba: Your orders, sir!

And so the band began to play.
A new music track is supposed to play here, but none of my sources seem to know what the piece of music is. Instead, imagine your favorite Sousa march is playing.
Where did he get all these people? They all look like professionals. Shouldn’t cheerleaders be students…?

You! Join in!
Umm, okay…

I seem to be in charge of the cymbals.
One wrong slip, and I’ll be the laughing-stock of the playground! Yikes.
Sakuya’s conducting is awfully flashy. Is this the Le Bel style?
Well, either way, I was able to pull off a passable performance with the rest of the band. Everybirdie in the audience seemed to enjoy the band, and Sakuya didn’t have anything rude to say. In fact, he almost looked pleased!
The music stops.

The first midterm exam came quickly, and I didn’t do well at all. I’ve never been great at testing, but I did worse than usual, especially for the first midterm. Hopefully I can pick up later?

Later on, I learned about a blogger by the name of Brian Pigeon, since Yuuya and a couple other upperclassmen were excitedly chatting about his recent Pulitzer.

I walked into the classroom after break, only to find a scene of complete and utter destruction. Apparently, Sakuya had started insulting Okosan, and Okosan started getting ready for a fight. As much as I thought Sakuya was in the wrong, Okosan definitely shouldn’t be acting out like this. I needed to stop him before more damage was done.
Okosan, settle down! This is a classroom!
Coo! (This is a matter between doves! Stay out of it, Goon!)


Okosan tried to charge at Sakuya, but I was quick enough to get in between them before contact was made.
I catch Okosan and throw him out the window.

Just because you’re angry doesn’t mean you can make a mess! Come back in when you’re prepared to be civilized!
Thankfully, when Okosan came back, he was completely calm. He even helped Sakuya and I clean up the room before Mr. Nanaki got back from break!

Our next music class was our practical exam, where we had to sing for the whole class. I was really nervous, but after seeing Okosan’s performance, I felt a little more at ease. If he can do it, so can I!

The Tanabata festival came up quickly, and I was completely clueless about what I would wish for. I looked for the wishes of my fellow classmates, but I could only find Sakuya’s and his was written in French.
As I thought about Sakuya, though, I remembered how much fun I had playing with the brass band during the sports festival. I really felt alive performing, so maybe music is my calling…? Well, it’s better than nothing.

I wish to become a famous artist whose work is known the world over!
After finishing my wish, Mr. Nanaki showed up with his own wish, and asked if I needed an escort home. It was a nice gesture, but I had other things to do while I was out.

Today’s music class was all about instrument performance, so I was excited to see what I’d be given. However, I just ended up with percussion again. Not that I mind, but I’d like to try something else out.

The rest of the semester passed by in a blur, which didn’t bode well for my final exam. I couldn’t remember a lot of my class work, and so I ended up doing poorly. But I’ve still got a semester, so I know I can improve!

At the end of the semester, the student council had one last meeting to clean up the room. Sakuya started by trying to push all of the work onto me, but in the end I was able to convince him to help out. Maybe he’s not so bad after all!