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Part 60: Episode 54: Dragging Our Reluctant Friend Along

I felt like all that time in the student council room had gotten me too stuffed up, so I decided to take a jog through town, where I met this biker girl. She seemed innocent enough, and even gave me a ride home after I got lost on my run!

While it probably would’ve been good to use my time wisely and get a job, I decided to just let the vacation last. I’ve had enough work to deal with between school and Sakuya anyways.

Before I knew it, the summer festival arrived, and I was excited to have some fun after laying around all summer. While it seems a little odd, I think there’s something more to Sakuya than I’d first thought. He isn’t completely awful when it comes down to it, and he’s almost become… friendly? He’s certainly not as rude as he was before.
Aw, what the hell, I’ll invite him along. I made a call to him, and while he sounded irritated, he agreed to come along for a “student council bonding exercise”.

Sakuya! Over here!

Oh, right! You just moved here, so you wouldn’t have known.
Today’s the festival! Let’s go together!
Festival? What’s that?
You’ll understand when you see it. Come on!

Shops! Food! Good fun all around!
People can’t possibly be eating food prepared like this! It’s… It’s unsanitary! It’s madness!
Don’t worry! There haven’t been any reports of food poisoning for two years!
So there were reports three years ago!?

Guiding the panic-stricken Sakuya around the festival is a little troublesome, but hilarious nonetheless.
And so the night wears on…

Huh? When did you buy that candy apple, Sakuya?

I can’t believe how cool he tries to act in front of everyone. He really should just relax and have fun once in a while.
Anyways, he did seem to enjoy himself more as we walked around the festival. It’s progress!

The music stops.

Summer rushed by in a blur, and before I knew it, I was late to my first day back to school. I barely had the time to get ready, I left my homework at home, I was probably totally unprepared for the first council meeting of the year, but it turned out I was a day early anyways.
Mr. Nanaki was there, and asked me if I could help him with studying. I was so tired by that point, and with my adrenaline rapidly dropping, there was no way I was going to be any help to him. So I decided to go back home instead.

Going back to school wasn’t too bad after yesterday, since I made sure I was fully prepared this time. I did manage to find a lost student ID though, and turned it in to Mr. Nanaki, so I got to help out around the school a little! It’s my duty as a student council member, after all!

Today’s music class was a little nerve-racking, since I lost my recorder, but I had a backup flute with me, so I was able to at least get some practicing done.

We’ll start looking at some new formulas next time, so try to read ahead, okay?

Classes were over for the day, and Mr. Nanaki left the classroom.

Hmph. The lassitude of Japan’s educational system never ceases to amaze me.
You don’t like Mr. Nanaki’s classes, Sakuya?
What do you think? And I’m not just talking about the math.

Hey, at least Mr. Nanaki won’t chew you out for snoozing in class, right?
I don’t think that’s the issue you here, Ryouta…
Look at Okosan! He conked out as soon as we took attendance.
Coo… (Zzz…)
Exactly! These pathetic teaching practices destroy the students’ motivation and interest. No wonder nobirdie takes school seriously.
But isn’t Mr. Nanaki a big name in science? I mean, I’m not really that well informed, but…
I don’t think it’s very nice to go around piddling on him, Sakuya.

His fame is merely on the national level, anyway.
The only world-renowned professor here would be Dr. Iwamine.
Eh!? The doctor is that well-known!?
I never heard about that.
Coooooo…! (It is Okosan’s pudding…! …Zzz…)
I am surrounded by ignoramuses and fools…!

Anyway, Nanaki does not even come close.

I never knew the doctor was that famous…
But then, why’s he working as the doctor for a high school? Even if it is a prestigious one.
Sakuya had already left by then, so I didn't get the chance to ask him about that. Maybe next time.

A couple weeks later and the campus was filled with the sounds of pattering pigeons.

I don’t have anything to do, so I guess I’ll go look around.
Isn’t 2-4 doing a haunted house? I’m well known for my reckless nature, so maybe I’ll go and scream a little bit.
I think… Sakuya’s free today, too, isn’t he?

Why not? He agreed to go with me to the festival, so he must be warming up to me. Plus, who doesn’t love a haunted house?
Do you need something?
You’re free today, right? Want to go look at 2-4’s haunted house?
Haunted house? A waste of time. Nothing but a foolish charade of commoners, by commoners, and for commoners.
How do you know if you don’t go? And besides, isn’t keeping an eye on the masses part of a noblebird’s job?

What is this madness?
A haunted mansion!
What on earth is that? Will we be attacked by hostile ninjas?
Nooo! That would be a ninja mansion.
…But my nurse told me that any mansion is bound to have ninjas lying in wait inside.
It’s like a tiny theme park! With a ghost theme! Hence “haunted”!
How foolish. No doubt it has nothing but tricks to scare mere children. We shall enter.
Oh! Hey, wait!
The music stops.

I-I can’t see! Why is it dark in here!?
Oh, right… You can’t see in the dark, can you?
Aaaaagh! I-I stepped on something nasty!
N-no! Stop! Unhand me! Aaaagh! AAAAIIIEEEEEEEEE!
Sakuya, calm down! Noooo! You’re not supposed to kick the poor ghosts!
Let me gooooooooooo!

…I’ve never seen him this worked up before.
Anyway, I’m glad he enjoyed it… I think?