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Part 61: Episode 55: Strange Questions

Solo tests always make me nervous, but they can be fun, too. I sang well today!
We have physics next, right?


Sakuya is standing in the music room, staring at the instrument rack.

What’s wrong, Sakuya?
What… do you think of the arts, Miss Lourde?
The arts…?

Where did that come from?

Surely one such as yourself has an opinion of some kind. What do you think of the arts?
Umm, well… I’m not really sure it’s something I could put into words just like that.

…Such a common idea.

He looks angst-ridden.
I wonder if something happened…?

About a month after that, I found myself stuck with after school cleaning duty.

As I was walking down the hall, though…


I can hear somebirdie playing the piano in the music room at the end of the hall. Who…?

I wanted to know who was playing the piano so beautifully. I mean, they wouldn’t mind if I just peeked in on them, right?

I recognize him. It’s…


I guess I spoke a little too loud. As soon as he noticed me, he stopped playing.

How long have you been there? Were you spying on me? How unpleasant.
No! I just came over here. It sounded beautiful…
I never knew you could play! I’m amazed you can practice and still study enough to get such good grades, Sakuya.

It sounded wonderful.
Oh! I’m distracting you. Sorry! I’ll go now, so don’t mind me.
What do you love?
…Why this all of a sudden?
Tell me.

I wasn’t sure what he was trying to get at, and I had trouble really thinking about something like this on the spot. But I told him the first thing that came to mind.

Hmm… Udon, I guess.
Udon? Truly?
Yup! I eat it every day.

? Okay… Bye, Sakuya.

And so I left him sitting deep in thought. What was that all about?

As I tried to wrap my head around Sakuya’s strange question, finals came and went with little fanfare. I was able to pull my grades up with this one, so I was happy.